New Free Leadership Keys iPhone App Develops Top Leadership in Business - Emotional Intelligence Skills Assure Leadership Succession as Boomers Retire

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The brand new, powerful Leadership Keys iPhone app provides daily support for developing top leadership in business. Almost overnight, over 1000 people have downloaded it to learn how to be a leader at work. Leadership requires regular practice of specific emotional intelligence skills that integrate self-awareness with understanding and managing others. Emotional Intelligence as opposed to IQ is learned. Dr. Relly Nadler PsyD, founder of True North Leadership and Master Certified Coach (MCC), developed the Leadership Keys iPhone app for executives, managers and companies ready to grow leaders who consistently perform in the top 10%.

The definition of leadership is entwined with the four pillars of Emotional Intelligence. Because leaders often do not realize that they are in the spotlight 24/7, having a tool in their hands on a moments notice is invaluable as a performance support.

Although brand new, True North Leadership's Leadership Keys iPhone app has experienced over 1000 downloads. "I am very pleased to see so many business people taking advantage of this free, yet valuable tool," shares Dr. Relly Nadler, the developer of the content for the app. "Emotional Intelligence plays a crucial role in leadership, yet the EQ scores of the newer generation are statistically lower than those of Baby Boomers. It's a good thing that EI can be learned as Baby Boomers reach retirement age."

Top performance and leadership in business relies on consistent usage and daily practice of specific skills that develop self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others and the ability to manage others well, the four pillars of emotional intelligence. The definition of leadership is the consistent usage and mastery of these leadership skills. The Leadership Keys iPhone app provides daily support for mastering these skills and teaching how to be a leader at work.

Dr. Relly Nadler, founder of True North Leadership, has 30 years of experience in developing and using Emotional Intelligence tools to coach and develop leaders for well-known corporations like DreamWorks Animation, Comcast Entertainment, Fedex, Vanguard Health, Disney, Hilton, ATT and many others. This experience is condensed and available in his free Leadership Keys iPhone app. Managers and executives have daily access in their hands to learn what are the critical leadership skills to practice and master.

Why Emotional Intelligence is pivotal to leadership in business becomes clear upon daily usage of the Leadership Keys iPhone app. It’s common for leaders to not realize that they are under a performance spotlight 24/7. It’s the mistakes that are remembered by associates, and it only takes a moment to build or lose credibility.

Leadership is a dance. It’s a process with its own rhythm to learn and use daily requiring practice, practice, practice to become proficient and ultimately to master. If you don’t know the dance and how to lead it, your team and the organization suffer. The specific steps that leaders must learn include delegation, giving feedback, coaching, managing up and across, decision making and getting buy-in.

The Leadership Keys and Leadership Keys iPhone App with videos answer the following questions:
·    How do you decide when to step in and out with direction for your employees?
·    How do you hold accountabilities?
·    What is the best way to give feedback?
·    How can you be very clear in your delegation?
·    How do you coach, empower, and when do you give advise?
·    What is best practice for making decisions and getting buy-in?
·    How can you manage up and across?

To download this invaluable iPhone app, scan the QR Code in the column to the right with your iPhone or visit

Knowing your own strengths and areas for improvement is crucial, too. Bonuses for the app are available when you download it and include a leadership assessment to help identify your strengths and derailers. A PDF copy of the assessment is included in Dr. Nadler's book, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, published by McGraw Hill.

Dr. Nadler's book, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, expands on the skills taught in the app and gives 108 tools and strategies to develop star performers. Download the Introduction and Chapter 1 from the PDF link in the right hand column, or visit to learn more.

Dr. Relly Nadler is a master level certified executive coach (MCC), psychologist (PsyD), corporate leadership and team trainer, now certified by MHS for utilizing the EQ-iÒ. Dr. Nadler brings his expertise in Emotional Intelligence (EI) to all his keynotes, consulting, coaching and training. To get more information about Dr. Nadler’s professional coaching, training and speaking services, visit


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