World’s Two Most Controversial Pick-Up Artists to Move Into Original 'Project Hollywood' Where Bestselling Book 'The Game' Was Written

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Vince Kelvin and Speer announce that the global sexual revolution has begun.

Cosmopolitan Magazine described Kelvin and Speer as having 'reinvented seduction as a martial art.'

Meet the New Tenants

The historical house known as “Project Hollywood” has reopened its doors. Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin, the controversial author of “Same Night Sex” and Speer, author of “The Black Book of Dating & Pickup,” are moving into the original “Project Hollywood” featured in Neil Strauss’ bestselling book, “The Game.”

An exclusive conference and book-signing, both exclusive to press, will be held at “Project Hollywood” this Thursday, September 22nd.

On top of his title as “Best Pick-Up Coach on the Planet,” Kelvin is the recipient of several awards from world-famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Kelvin has just returned from a world tour of 7 different countries in 3 different continents and to date, he has clients in over 36 countries around the globe. Cosmopolitan Magazine described Kelvin and Speer as having “reinvented seduction as a martial art.”

A House of Fame and Shame

“Project Hollywood” has been the epicenter of high caliber glamour over the past 50 years. “There is so much history in this house,” Kelvin said. “So much has happened there. There was the era of the Rat Pack, then Heidi Fleiss, Eddie Griffith, Mystery and Style. They all lived there… but the wildest is yet to come.”

An International House-Warming Party for the Ages

In less than a week, the largest global gathering of men wanting to get laid will take place at “Project Hollywood.” Now in its fifth year, the “Pickup Artist World Summit” will run from September 24th-26th.

“The condition of the ozone layer,” stated Speer,” “is nothing compared to the deterioration of human intimacy over the past few decades.”

“Over 40 speakers are flying in from all over the US, Australia, and the UK to be there this year,” Kelvin said. “Attendees are traveling from all over the world… Europe, South America, Canada, Australia… It’s going to be insane.”

The Summit also hosts the “Pick-Up Awards,” which acknowledges the accomplishments of significant personalities in the pickup community. “This year we’re presenting Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine, with the Lifetime Ultimate Player award,” Kelvin said. “We’re also awarding Ron Jeremy, symbolizing the normal guy unexpectedly living the dream.”

The Summit is not exclusive to men. Many female figures such as UK ex-top model Kezia Noble will be teaching and presenting. “It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before,” Kelvin said. “The community has evolved in a whole new way.”

The list of speakers includes the most influential names in the pickup community, such as Ross Jeffries (the “Dean” of the community) and Hypnotica, both dynamic gurus featured in Strauss’ “The Game.”

The Summit has been featured in such global television press as CNN, MTV, VH1, KTLA Morning News, the CW, BBC UK Channel 4, Canadian Broadcasting Television, and more. Magazine press coverage includes Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Hustler, Penthouse, Washington Post, Singular, and more.
Free video excerpts of past summits and a complete list of speakers are available at

The Road Ahead
Now that Kelvin and Speer are moving into the house that witnessed the birth and early evolution of the pickup community, what comes next?

“Project Hollywood is where we will define ourselves differently than the prior owners,” Kelvin stated. “We’re tired of the art of pick-up being taboo in modern society. It makes no sense. So, we aim for nothing less than new sexual revolution.”

“The vision here,” Speer explained, “is to symbolize a new era… to defy and redefine the social and sexual norm. Pick up will no longer be taboo. You, me, all of us, we’re going to reach a new level of common understanding and fulfillment amongst men and women.”


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