Money Morning Presents: Where to Profit in the Energy Storage Revolution

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A new form of energy storage is about to replace the lithium battery, says Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors. This new technology could be the key to releasing the world from the grip of fossil fuels and make solar power possible globally. Here’s how it works and how to buy into the company making it all happen.

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This could be the real beginning of an energy revolution.

A tiny upstart company based in Odessa, FL just received a patent for an energy storage “Nanoparticle Ultracapacitator.” And, according to Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Moors, this new form of energy storage is light-years ahead of current batteries.

It holds three times the power of a lithium battery. It weighs less. And it’s more efficient, too.

In fact, Dr. Moors says these new types of energy storage technologies could soon replace lithium batteries in:

·    Most forms of transportation.
·    Telecommunication infrastructure.
·    Transistors.
·    Cellphone batteries.
·    Computers.
·    Electronic networks.
·    Smart grids.
·    And solar power.

That last one may prove to be the most important for investors, according to Dr. Moors.

The Nanoparticle Ultracapacitator will make it possible to store large amounts of power for long periods of time. And Dr. Moors says, it may have already begun revolutionizing the solar power industry.

The reason solar power hasn’t become the global standard is not because there isn’t enough to go around. Enough solar energy hits the earth in an hour to power the entire planet for a year.

Solar power isn’t the global standard because no one can efficiently store the energy once it hits the earth. That’s why, according to Dr. Moors, the battery market has become the Holy Grail for the entire solar power industry.

He goes on to say that, up until now, nothing has been better than the lithium battery to store solar power. But it has the same problems earlier batteries faced. It’s inefficient – meaning it doesn’t catch a lot of the energy that hits it. And it “leaks” power once it does catch it.

Power companies are on a search for a better solar energy storage device. And they may have found a winner in this new nanotechnology, according to Dr. Moors.

This could be the real beginning of an energy revolution. Renewable energy has been waiting for this technology to take flight, says Dr. Moors. And it’s a major buying opportunity if investors know where and when to snap up shares.

Learn which small company is about to power a new energy revolution in Dr. Kent Moors’ new article for Money Morning, “The Start Of An Energy Storage Revolution”.

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