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For the best nutritional supplements, look no further than the recently launched NaturalAlphaLipoicAcid.com. The online supplement store was founded by BuyTell Services CEO Rose Byerly and VP Robert J. Bechtel. Customers seeking to enhance their health are treated to a bevy of the purest alpha lipoic acid, amino acid, digestive, and vitamin supplements. Visit the site’s brand new blog for more details.

Web entrepreneur Rose Byerly is pleased to debut her online supplement store, http://www.NaturalAlphaLipoicAcid.com. The site, launched in August 2011, carries healthful supplements including alpha lipoic acid, amino acid, digestive enzymes and fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and health and beauty products. A complementary site pertaining to healing, http://www.LightWorkerUSA.com is also run by Byerly.

“On NaturalAlphaLipoicAcid.com we offer natural supplements that are screened by me for quality,” said Byerly. “These are supplements that I have used for my own healing or that other people I know have used successfully for their healing.”

Alpha lipoic acid supplements, the namesake of the retail site, give the body an antioxidant boost. Unlike other antioxidants that only work in water or fatty tissues, alpha lipoic acid is fat and water soluble, meaning it can work throughout the body attacking free radicals and revitalizing other antioxidants in the system. A variety of sources are offered, including grape seed extract, pomegranate juice concentrate, and superior reds. If free radicals are a major concern, add other antioxidant supplements to a diet, like Astragalus Immunity herb tea or Acai berry extra strength 1200 mg Natrol. All nutrients are converted into amino acids, the body’s fuel. If bodies lack systemic enzymes needed to create the enzymatic cascade, the body will be lacking essential amino acids. Fortunately, those amino acids can be replaced through supplements like L-Glutathione 500 mg, L-Lysine 500 mg, or Mega Taurine caps – all of which serve specific purposes detailed on the site.

By now, most people have heard of the benefits of essential fatty acids, specifically omega-3 fatty acids. Supplements like Borage Liquid Gold, Krill Oil, and Sonnes Old Fashioned Cod Liver Oil can be effective in raising levels of good HDL cholesterol, reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension, and keep hearts healthy. Vitamins, long a staple of a balanced diet, are also available. Multi-vitamins for diabetic health, Emergen-C, Men’s Ultra daily caps, and VM-100 Complete Liquid vitamins are among those offered. As wonderful as the aforementioned supplements are, the body cannot use this nutrition without the aid of enzymes. Vitalzyme, in particular, is highly touted for increasing the biochemical reaction that makes life possible. It is recommended that the dietary supplement Vitalzyme be taken one to three times a day, in consultation with a physician. NaturalAlphaLipoicAcid.com in no way prescribes cures or diagnoses illnesses. Scales, pedicure sets, shavers, yoga mats, and other health and beauty supplements are sold through the site.

“I’m not out to make a killing. I started my business because I want to share with others the gift I have been given: the gift of life, the gift of help,” said Byerly. “That’s really the main reason that I started this business, especially LightWorkerUSA.com – that site is central as far as documenting my own healing, and NaturalAlphaLipoicAcid.com is right next to that. It all has to do with sharing the gift of healing, gift of wellness with others.”

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Byerly and her staff. Each product sold through NaturalAlphaLipoicAcid.com has the minimum amount of fillers and the purest, best potency available. Additionally, shoppers will save 10 percent on many products and most items ship for free. Customers will always be able to speak with a live person. Feedback regarding products and services is encouraged so the site can continually improve. In the unlikely event that an order is not filled precisely, customers are urged to contact Byerly immediately so the situation can be remedied.

Said Byerly, “We will always use the golden rule as we conduct business by doing for others as we would have them do for us.”

For additional product information and reviews, visit the brand new blog, http://www.NaturalAlphaLipoicAcidBlog.com. Byerly frequently updates the interactive platform with insights into her own healing experience.

About the Company:
NaturalAlphaLipoicAcid.com – a division of BuyTell Services LLC Series 1 – is owned and operated by CEO Rose Byerly and VP Robert J. Bechtel.

Rose Byerly, CEO
Robert J. Bechtel, VP
(888) 816-5557

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