World’s First Breakthrough Stem Cell Procedure on a Goat Performed in Kentucky Vet Clinic: Advanced Technology From MediVet-America Provides Animal Therapeutic Care

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World's First In-Clinic Stem Cell Therapy Performed on a Goat by MediVet-America

When Cinnamon, a seven-year-old, 325 pound goat, began receiving stem cell therapy on location at a veterinary clinic outside of Louisville, Kentucky, it was a medical first in the whole world for the animal kingdom.

The procedure at the Henry County Animal Clinic was performed by Dr. Clark Slone, DVM, to alleviate the pain Cinnamon suffered from a torn ACL and bad carpal joints.

Dr. Slone utilized the advanced, drug-free technology pioneered by MediVet-America (, a research and development company and global leader in veterinary stem cell technology and regenerative medicines.

Adult animal stem cell technology uses the body’s own regenerative healing power to help cure dogs, cats, horses and other animals suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia and tendon, ligament and cartilage injuries and other ailments.

Fat tissue was removed from the animal, millions of stem cells were separated and activated on location through a patented L.E.D. technology, and then injected into the affected areas.

Within a month of the procedure, Cinnamon will be moving well, virtually pain free.

“These stem cells are supercharged, they’re ready to work, and automatically go to the inflamed area in the body,” said MediVet-America’s Brenda Timperman. “The animals that were having problems recover and are a whole lot better.”

Using MediVet-America’s new Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Procedure Kit, veterinary practitioners in 200 markets throughout 42 states now perform the drug-free procedure entirely in their own clinics more quickly, effectively and economically than first generation animal stem cell therapy. This new treatment, developed in Australia, is now available in 23 countries worldwide.

The stem cell advancements in veterinary medicine are paving the way for healthier and happier lives for pets in America.

“Some areas of research and therapy are progressing faster than that in human medicine,” said MediVet-America managing director Jeremy Delk. “Stem cell therapy is at the leading edge of this evolution.”

Stem cells are basic biological cells which have the ability to differentiate into specialized tissue cells and regenerate to additional cells. These new cells can be beneficial in replacing or repairing damaged tissue. The stem cells used in veterinary medicine aren’t embryonic, the type which have garnered much controversy over the years, but are taken from adipose (fat) tissue of the individual patient.

MediVet, the world’s leading animal stem cell company, is offering the newest and most advanced stem cell techniques that are changing the landscape of veterinary medicine. The regenerative cells are injected into the pet’s joints to encourage connective tissue like cartilage, tendons and ligaments to heal or grow including other degenerative diseases.

Delk said that trials, thousands of procedures and studies have shown significant improvement in quality of life for dogs, cats, and horses ─ even Cinnamon the goat, camels and other wild animals ─ with arthritis and other joint diseases.

More than 3,000 stem cell kits have been supplied to veterinarians across the U.S., who are seeing tremendous results. Animals that had been unable to climb stairs or walk well, are running and playing.

“We have experienced tremendous growth this year in all areas of our business,” said Delk. “We’re overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response we’ve received from pet owners and veterinarians around the world, and we’re deeply honored by the pet industry’s acknowledgement of our services.

“Excitement in the technology continues to grow as we are now seeing stem cell procedures happening everyday across the United States and the world.”

Americans spent $48.3 billion in 2010 on their companion animals, according to the American Pet Products Association, up from $28.5 billion in 2001. The cost of a stem cell treatment is about $1,900 for small animals, $2,400 for horses. Stem cells also can be frozen and banked.

MediVet is seeking distributors in America and other parts of the world to serve its growing number of veterinarians and clinics.

“We feel that it is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who are interested in entering the expanding bio-medical field in a unique way,” said Delk.

Delk said veterinarians can become in-house stem cell therapy clinics allowing them to perform procedures in real time for the small cost of necessary equipment of just $7,000.



A research and development company and global leader in veterinary stem cell technology, MediVet-America provides innovative cell applications for the therapeutic care of animals. Headquartered in Nicholasville, Kentucky, MediVet-America develops advanced cellular designed kits and services for the treatment of osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease. The company also offers MediVet Lab Services in multiple locations around the world that provides technical support for in-house stem cell vets, as well as regional and national Adipose stem cell processing and cyro banking services for pets at a young age or for a maintenance program, autologous conditioned serum processing, and cell counting for in-house stem cell procedures. Information on animal stem cell treatment and banking services are available at

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