Slide4Less INC. Introduces a Revolutionary Technology. New MiniVAP Vaporizer

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The MiniVap is the world's most advanced vaporizer. Recently introduced from Pamplona, Spain by Slide4less Incorporated, this vaporizer is the best therapeutic model on the market.

miniVAP is our newest and most innovative vaporizer

The MiniVAP is the New Revolution in Portable vaporizers.

Slide4Less Inc. is introducing the most revolutionary vaporizer technology to hit the market in years. The MiniVAP is the World's most technologically advanced portable vaporizer. It uses all new materials and technique to create the best heat transfer in the industry with lower energy requirements.

“The MiniVAP is the New Revolution in Portable vaporizers.” said Darren Romar from Vaporize-it, importer of the MiniVAP vaporizer. Romar continued, “Now you can have complete freedom with unsurpassed performance. The innovate lithium battery pack and modular design make it more user friendly than any other vaporizer made. No other vaporizer even comes close. The MiniVAP sets a new standard in smoking alternatives.”

“Ever tried to quit cigarettes but nothing seems to work? This will work because you don't miss a thing with MiniVAP. The MiniVAP stops just short of combustion, while effectively delivering the pure essence of the plant materials. Now you get the best performance on the market and portability to boot.” he said.

Romar explained the basics: “With MiniVAP, you have the best heat exchange technology on the market. And, with vaporizers it's how well it can maintain the temperature with a convection air flow. MiniVAP can sustain wide range of air pressure while still maintaining the heat in the chamber. It's unique technology relies both on innovative design as well as revolutionary new materials that provide the greatest vaporizing experience ever conceived.

So, the way he put it, when you want to step up to the very best on the market, it has to be MiniVAP. The product is conceived and designed in Spain by HERMES Medical Engineering SL. MiniVAP is distributed by Slide4less inc., which uses the Trade Name Vaporize-it. The combination of these companies brings more combined experience in the market than any other start-up that is currently bringing up a new vaporizer.

For HERMES, it's all about coming up with the very best, and a truly revolutionary product. “We wanted to set completely reinvent the vaporizer using the newest available materials and techniques. Then we'll combine that with new distribution methods and educational services that will allow vaporizers to enter new markets while maintaining a new level of quality.” said Romar.

He continued, “The multi use MiniVAP follows in the footsteps of other great designs, but we think that as far as the new products that are coming up the MiniVAP takes a different approach. The MiniVAP does not necessarily shoot for the broader general market, but instead the MiniVAP raises the bar. After all, the point of a vaporizer is performance and the very best in medical grade and safety conscious materials. MiniVAP delivers on these fronts way ahead of anything else.”

So now it looks like you can have a vaporizer that uses the very newest materials to create better performance in a miniaturized design that can lead the way in terms of clean materials. And, you can tell the difference. This unit has no taste or odour and it delivers with purity that you can taste and feel in the effect of the unit.

“There's no doubt that MiniVAP is capable of delivering more efficiency and far better effect because it can hold the temperature more constant than any other competitor on the market, including the Volcano Vaporizer. Small portables have a hard time regulating the heat flow so that the temperature is truly maintained in the loading chamber. The MiniVAP blows away others that as compact. The step up in technology is partly the miniaturization that the MiniVAP applies to the process. Other vaporizers that have a complicated technique are not miniaturized in the same way that we have with the MiniVAP.” said Romar.

That is why the MiniVAP truly is the new revolution in vaporizers. The MiniVAP is only for those that really want the very best. No expense has been spared with MiniVAP and the technology that we apply here is unique and unsurpassed.

So if you really want the very best in vaporizer portables, there is nowhere else to look any more. MiniVAP is the new Revolution in portable vaporizers.
For more information about the all new MiniVAP see Slide4less' wholesale vaporizer website at or calling 1-800-659-8731.


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