Anchor Mobile Unveils Location Aware Alert SMS Platform

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Anchor Mobile ( has announced the launch of a new, innovative location aware SMS platform Called “Smartbombs - the guided missile of mobile marketing.”

Anchor Mobile Unveils Location Aware SMS Alert Platform

Anchor Mobile ( has announced the launch of a new, innovative location aware SMS platform Called “Smartbombs - the guided missile of mobile marketing.” Location aware SMS will not require a smart phone or mobile application to engage; which will come as a relief to the 65 percent of Americans who do not currently own a smart phone.

The location aware SMS alert platform is currently compatible with 90 percent of all cellular phones in the United States and works with carriers, Verizon, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, and T-Mobile.

Location aware SMS technology is anticipated to revolutionize SMS marketing within the next couple years.

“With this platform, an advertiser can create geo-fencing around different geographic areas similar to geo-fences in Google Ad Words. You can then create SMS alert campaigns tied directly into geo-fences,” says Anchor Mobile CEO, T.J. Kirgin.

When a subscriber is inside a geo-fencing boundary during a campaign, an SMS alert can be triggered and sent directly to their cell phone automatically, based on their location.

“This will allow advertisers to set up unlimited geo-fencing perimeters inside the platform as well as an unlimited number of campaigns per geo-fence,” says Kirgin.

A form of location based marketing, Geo-fencing and location aware SMS alerting software has an unlimited reach when it comes to its purpose. A casino can create a geo-fencing boundary around its property with the potential to run breakfast specials via SMS alert from 6:00a-9:00a, Monday-Friday, a lunch special from 11:00a-1:00p Monday-Friday, and a happy hour special from 4:00p-7:00p on Fridays only.

Location aware SMS alert subscribers would only receive the push notifications during specific times if they are within an approximate geographical range of the geo-fence.

In 2010, 281.3 million people visited a U.S. National Park. In the event of an emergency, the U.S. Parks Service would be able to send location aware SMS alerts to vacationers and campers, many of which who choose to be without electricity and modern conveniences such as radios. These geo-fenced messages could warn campers of an impending storm, or a near by bear sighting, potentially saving lives.

Geo-fencing is made possible through cell tower triangulation and a platform that pulls subscriber’s phones every 20 minutes, triggering events if the location aware SMS alert subscriber is within the geo-fence during an active campaign.

Says Kirgin, “SMS triangulation does not require a GPS application on a cell phone, and smart phone technology isn’t needed for messages to be received. It’s the same technology that Jack Bauer used to find terrorists on 24.” In fact, the FBI, CIA, and other government bodies have been using cell tower triangulation for years.

Location based SMS alert technology also has the potential to revolution the sports marketing industry. Imagine every sports venue in the country wrapped inside a geo-fence allowing marketers to push special offers to a captive audience of tens of thousands during a game or concert.

Tourism can benefit as well. Travelers flying into their destination will see signs in the airport terminal encouraging them to “Opt in to receive special offers while in town based on where you are!” Multiple geo-fences can be used to send offers to tourists as they travel around town. Airports can be geo-fenced so that when travels return, an SMS alert will be sent to their phone welcoming them back to town and tell them what’s happening in the city and where.

Multi-unit companies with multiple locations can upload the latitude and longitudinal coordinates for locations to automatically generate geo-fences for each marketing campaign, making implementation a snap.

Location aware SMS platforms can be used on shared short codes or individual dedicated short codes.

Additional information and pricing on location aware SMS alerts and geo-fencing can be found by texting the word LOCATION to 94932, visiting, or calling 1-800-984-4242.

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