JobPrimer Denounces President's Jobs Plan

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Mr. Obama's job "plan" will not create the sustainable jobs necessary to reduce unemployment in the United States.

Job Primer
The only effective method for creating sustainable jobs is to grow the economy. Only free enterprise can do that. -- Will Spencer, CEO of MemeBridge, a resource for job seekers, has announced disapproval for Barack Obama's draft jobs bill. JobPrimer is a project of MemeBridge, a leading web publishing firm.

According to Will Spencer, the CEO of MemeBridge, "The plan creates considerable expense by extending the unemployment benefits. While this is certainly kind to those who have been unemployment almost as long as Mr. Obama has been in office, it does not motivate these people to make difficult decisions such as switching career fields, accepting lower paying jobs, or moving to areas of the country which have been less affected by the recession.

The plan does not create a significant number of jobs in the short-term because the money is targeted to be spent on pork barrel projects championed by professional lobbyists. These projects will take considerable time to start, creating few jobs until just before the next presidential election.

The jobs created under the plan are also not long-term jobs. They last only as long as the projects last. Jobs created by the economic growth which results from corporate tax cuts are permanent jobs. Jobs created by government spending are temporary jobs, while the debt created by that spending appears permanent.

The plan also proposes that the nation waste resources by replicating the failed George Works plan nationally. This plan has only helped 700 Georgians find work since it was started in 2003. It is a huge waste of very limited taxpayer resources.

The bill also contains a provision will allows job seekers to sue employers for not hiring them if they believe they were not hired because they were unemployed. Aside from infringing an employers right to make hiring decisions for the best interests of their companies, this provision will also cause less capable employees to be hired -- which reduces the productivity of every affected business. This provision will create jobs for only one type of person -- trial lawyers. If passed, this provision could clog the nations courtrooms with tens of thousands of new lawsuits, with each employer being forced to prove that they are not guilty of prejudice against unemployed persons."

Corporate Summary

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