School District Saves Thousands in Maintenance Costs with Filmop USA Microfiber Green Cleaning System

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As school districts face severe budget constraints, administrators continue to look for ways to cut costs. One mega-school district recently discovered using new microfiber green cleaning systems by Filmop ( saved thousands in maintenance costs.

As school districts face severe budget constraints, administrators continue to look for ways to cut costs. One mega-school district recently discovered using new microfiber green cleaning systems by Filmop USA saved thousands in maintenance costs.

Water Savings: from 33 gallons a night to 1.5 gallons
A typical mop bucket holds roughly four gallons of water, which the school district refreshed approximately every three classrooms. With an average of 25 classrooms in each elementary school, the custodians were going back and forth to the janitor’s closet perhaps eight times a night, consuming at least 33 gallons of water per elementary school each night.

Today, those 25 classrooms are damp mopped with just over one gallon of cleaning solution with the patented Filmop Top-Down Charging System.

“The water savings becomes staggering,” says David James of JanPro Marketing in Spring, Tex. “With a traditional bucket and mop, the 52 elementary schools were consuming over 345,200 gallons of water a year just for damp mopping the classrooms. Now, with the Filmop system, that number is slashed to just over 15,500 gallons a year. That does not even begin to include the savings in the middle and high schools.”

Floor Finish Savings: from 50 pails to 25 pails
When you pay $80 for a 5-gallon pail of wax, it can get pretty expensive to keep a good finish on hard flooring.

“After introducing Filmop’s Micro-Fast Pocket Mops as an alternative to traditional mops for finish application, the district experienced a 40 to 50 percent savings in floor finish,” explains James. “At just one high school, the first year savings was nearly $3,000.”

In addition to the savings in product, the school district also realized savings in applicator equipment.

“After applying the finish with traditional mops, there was so much liquid absorbed into the fibers that the district just threw them away,” James continues. “But now, they can wash the Filmop microfiber mopheads and use them again.”

Labor Savings: 50%
According to James, the Filmop system also translated into some significant time savings for the district custodians.

“First, they saved time and energy by eliminating the trips back and forth to the water closet,” he explains. “We estimate they were spending over an hour a night just lugging a bucket back and forth.”

With Filmop’s adjustable V-Sweeper Floor Dusting System, custodians easily maneuvered through narrow doors, then expanded the paddles to a full 72” to breeze through wide hallways, without worrying about debris and dust dislodging in the process.

Breakage, Consumption Savings
The school district realized additional savings by eliminating breakage and consumption factors.

“When we first called on the district, the wringers on their buckets were breaking like candy … at a cost $35 each,” contributes James. “There was also breakage of the wood mop handles due to the weight of the traditional cotton mop heads they were using.

“In addition to fixing the breakage problem, our system solved a few more inconveniences. Filmop’s adjustable, telescopic handles adapts to all custodian’s heights and provides an ergonomic plastic hand-grip for comfort,” James adds. “On the financial spreadsheets, they quickly recognized the benefits of controlling their chemical consumption.”

As school districts across the country feel a tremendous financial pinch, it is encouraging to see there are new ways to be fiscally responsible. This mega-district found its mega-savings by using a few of Filmop’s microfiber systems.

About Filmop USA
Filmop is a world leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of cleaning systems and products that deliver financial and performance solutions to the maintenance industry. Its line of products emphasizes microfiber mops and floor pads, microfiber cleaning cloths, buckets, and compartmentalized carts. Included in its line are the "long-looped" Rapido™ microfiber mop; the Top-Down Charging System; the Spin 'n Drop folding microfiber mop; and Total Mop bucketless mop.


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