SENSA® Products, LLC Expands its Medical Advisory Board

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Advisory Board Encourages Customers to Take a More Active Role in Their Health and Wellness

SENSA(R) Medical Advisory Board

“We are extremely excited to have such prestigious medical doctors on board who can share their expertise on various health and weight-loss related issues with our customers,” said Kristin Chadwick, President of SENSA® Products, LLC.

SENSA® Products, LLC, recently appointed five additional doctors to its SENSA® Medical Advisory Board, furthering the company’s commitment to helping its customers reach their weight-loss goals. The Board consists of leading medical doctors from across the country who provide independent counsel on a range of health and weight-loss related issues. Each member brings extensive knowledge of obesity and its related issues to the SENSA® program.

Developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch, SENSA® is based on 25 years of research linking human olfactory senses to appetite and overeating. SENSA® works without the restrictions of calorie counting, the inconvenience of pre-packaged meals and the side-effects of drugs and stimulants. In one of the largest clinical studies for a non-prescription weight-loss product, subjects lost an average of 30.5 pounds in 6 months with SENSA®.

“We are extremely excited to have such prestigious medical doctors on board who can share their expertise on various health and weight-loss related issues with our customers,” said Kristin Chadwick, President of SENSA® Products, LLC. “We are optimistic that the expanded Board will encourage customers to take control of their health and reach their weight-loss goals.”

The SENSA® Medical Advisory Board consists of:

-- Hilton Hudson II, M.D. (Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Franciscan Physicians Hospital)
Dr. Hudson is the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Franciscan Physicians Hospital in Indiana and the CEO and Chairman of Hilton Publishing, the U.S. premier publisher of health and wellness books. As a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Hudson is concerned about the growing epidemic of obesity and its negative effect on heart health. He is strongly believes that SENSA® can have a significant impact on obesity and related health issues.

-- Carl M. Wahlstrom, Jr., M.D. (Psychiatrist, Rush University Medical Center)
Dr. Wahlstrom is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, as well as the Assistant Medical Director of Rush’s Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic. In his private practice, he specializes in the treatment of a wide variety of mental conditions, including eating disorders, and is a highly sought after forensic psychiatric consultant. Dr. Wahlstrom finds SENSA® to be a well-researched, novel non-drug approach to weight loss. On a personal level, he is particularly interested in the evolutionary drive to overeat and the effect SENSA® has on the satiety process.

-- Nancy Zamora, M.D. (Board-Certified Internist)
Dr. Zamora is a board-certified internist who serves as a clinical instructor in the Internal Medicine departments at both Northwestern Medical School and Saint Joseph Hospital. In her private practice, Dr. Zamora focuses on general adult medicine, specializing in the prevention and early detection of disease, as well as optimizing patients’ overall health. Through her work, Dr. Zamora has observed a correlation between the increase in obesity and the rise in weight-related conditions and diseases, including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis and sleep apnea. She believes that portion control is one of the best ways to successfully achieve long-term weight loss, and feels that SENSA® provides overweight individuals with a tool to help them eat less.

-- Jason Gruss, M.D. (Physician Specializing in Bariatric Medicine)
Dr. Gruss is a board-certified physician specializing in bariatric medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), sports medicine and geriatrics. In his practice, Dr. Gruss works closely with nutritionists and behavioral counselors to help bariatric patients achieve greater overall health and wellness. As a practitioner of bariatric medicine, Dr. Gruss has observed that patients often regain weight following gastric bypass surgery due to the fact that their eating habits have not changed. He believes SENSA® allows obese individuals to take a safe, surgery-free approach to weight loss.

-- Richard Bone, M.D. (Board-Certified Gastroenterologist)
Dr. Bone is a board-certified gastroenterologist with more than 19 years of clinical experience. He serves as the Regional Medical Director of Advocate Medical Group, a Chicago-based integrated medical group practice. Among his areas of specialty are digestive diseases, hepatology and internal medicine. Intrigued by the results of the SENSA® clinical study, Dr. Bone considers SENSA® to be an innovative weight-loss solution.

-- Celestine Marie DeTrana, M.D. (Board-Certified Psychiatrist)
Dr. DeTrana is a board-certified psychiatrist who is an adjunct faculty member at Indiana University School of Medicine. In her private practice, Dr. DeTrana provides psychiatry and psychotherapy services to patients struggling with addictive disorders and mental conditions including anxiety and depression. As a psychiatrist, she has observed a link between depression and weight gain, which often leads to a vicious cycle that prevents individuals from losing weight. She feels that many diets have so many rules and restrictions that they set individuals up for failure, and she is interested in the fact that SENSA® doesn’t involve any deprivation. Dr. DeTrana believes that SENSA® enables individuals to overcome the psychological factors that interfere with successful weight loss.

-- Paul Jones, M.D. (Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Services, Mercy Hospital & Medical Center)
Dr. Jones is Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Services at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago. He is a nationally recognized expert in interventional cardiovascular medicine. Throughout his practice, Dr. Jones has observed the alarming prevalence of obesity and its adverse impact on the cardiovascular system. Insulin resistance, sleep apnea, hypertension and heart disease are all obesity-related and potentially avoidable cardiovascular conditions. Dr. Jones has expressed optimism that SENSA® may provide a novel approach to weight loss that assists individuals in control of portion sizes and in leading a heart-healthy lifestyle.

-- Brooke Joanna Benlifer, R.D. (Registered Dietician)
Brooke Benlifer is a registered dietician with expertise in many areas of medicine, including diabetes, cardiac health and gastrointestinal issues. A graduate of Cornell University, Brooke is passionate about preventative health and its power to help people lead more fulfilling lives. She was particularly interested in how SENSA® focuses on enhancing satiety in order to encourage portion control without the use of stimulants or the need for drastic changes in habit.

About the SENSA® Weight-Loss System
SENSA® is a leading weight-loss tool and lifestyle brand that has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose millions of pounds without restrictive dieting, stimulants or pills. Based on 25 years of research and testing from Dr. Alan Hirsch, this revolutionary weight-loss system uses science and your sense of smell to help you lose weight. Doctor formulated and clinically proven, SENSA® has an average weight loss of 30.5 pounds in six months. No other weight-loss product has such extraordinary results. For more information or to order the SENSA® Weight-Loss System, visit or


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