Germans and Americans are worst dressed while the Brits are catching the French in the style stakes, reveals Skyscanner

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With models having now shown off the latest designer creations for London and New York fashion week, flight comparison site Skyscanner reveals which nations are seen as the most (and least) fashionable.

Skyscanner surveyed over 500 people on which countries they believed to be home to the most stylish people and who were the biggest losers on the catwalk.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it was the Italians who were crowned the kings and queens of the catwalk, taking almost half (44%) of the votes. The fashion heavyweights famed for top fashion houses such as Armani and Versace, are well known for their love of dressing well.

Taking 17% of the vote was the French. With labels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior, fashion is taken very seriously in France – however hot on their Louboutin heels are the Brits, with an impressive 14% of the vote. With influential designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney it appears that Brits are managing to shirk their “Brits abroad” fashion reputation for one that is far more stylish.

The Germans were voted as the least stylish, receiving just 0.5% of the votes, but a shock for the nation that is home to Vogue and designers such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, the Americans were also lagging behind in the fashion stakes with just 1.5% of the votes.

Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner’s fashion editor commented:

“Whilst every city has dedicated followers of fashion, our perceptions of the style of other nationalities tend to be based on our travel experiences and seeing foreign tourists in our own country. The image of the American tourist wearing a Hawaiian shirt, chinos, white socks and black shoes is a pervasive one, though not actually very representative of how the average American dresses.”

Top 10 Most Stylist Nations

1. Italians (44%)
2. French (17%)
3. British (15%)
4. Spanish (8%)
5. Swedish (6%)
6. Japanese (4%)
7. Russians (3.5%)

8. Americans (1.5%)
9. Germans (0.5%)
10. Other ( 0.5%)


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