Cautions Citizens to be Careful of ‘Travelers’ and ‘Criminal Gypsies’

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‘Travelers’ and ‘Criminal Gypsies’ may sound like characters from a fairytale, but these roaming con artists can do some serious damage to residents’ property and pocketbooks, a leading online public records and people search engine, wishes to alert and educate consumers about roving bands of criminals called ‘Travelers’ or ‘Criminal Gypsies’. According to a recent article from The Chicago Sun-Times, these door-to-door scam artists roam around the country in large groups, living together in roving bands that proudly make a living by ripping off people.

‘Travelers’ and ‘Criminal Gypsies’ have been glamourized by mainstream books and movies as lovable swindlers that typically prey on some deserving scoundrel. However, in reality these fraudsters are deceiving and stealing from unsuspecting residents, especially senior citizens using home-improvement or distraction scams.

These groups will go door-to-door and tell residents that they were driving by and noticed that their roof, driveway or another feature of their property needs repair or replacement. What the unsuspecting homeowner does not know is that while they are at the door talking to the unsolicited visitor other members of group are staking out the house while the homeowner is distracted. Once the victim is distracted or convinced to go outside to examine the problem, other group members will sneak into the house to search for valuables or money. Typically these criminals target senior citizens or people who live alone.

Sometimes these groups will arrive with pickup trucks full of equipment and repair supplies to appear legitimate. An initial cost estimate is given, but when the job is complete, homeowners are told that they owe more money. Often a job appears complete, but after the fraudsters leave and a closer inspection is made, homeowners find shoddy or incomplete work and are unable to take any recourse.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times article these fraudsters impersonate a variety of occupations including driveway sealcoating workers, homeowner association contractors, and public utility employees. urges senior citizens and homeowners to beware of ‘Travelers’ and ‘Criminal Gypsies’ and take the following precautions:

  •     Residents should never allow an unsolicited visitor or service provider into their home. If an individual insists on entering a home and the residents are unsure of their legitimacy, they should request that the unknown person wait outside while they call the company in question to confirm the validity of the visit.
  •     Before hiring a contractor or handyman, consumers should request identification and ensure they are a licensed business.
  •     After obtaining personal or business information, use to find out more based on the information provided. allows consumers to look up individuals and businesses using their names or phone numbers, and if something seems suspicious consumers can obtain comprehensive background checks that include criminal records, business information, and civil judgments and more.

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