Ugly Dog Media Announces New Forum Marketing Service, Proving Intelligence Wins out Over a Pretty Face

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The young and rapidly growing South Bend-based PR firm--in taking an interactive approach to marketing via social media websites and forums--is not just playing the game, they are changing it.

"Forum posting should be a working tool that uses information-based marketing and thought leadership . . . take your time and make thoughtful responses that are not necessarily outright marketing messages, but rather, a part of the conversation."

Ugly Dog Media, Inc. is a full-service marketing, copy writing and PR firm, reaching clients around the globe thanks in no small part to an interactive approach to social media marketing. The company announced today the release of a new "forum marketing" product line, which uses a strategy that is built on the idea that it’s not enough to simply reach out to people – a good marketing campaign is of the people.

It took 38 years for radio to reach a total audience of 50 million people; the internet reached the same number of people in four years, the iPod in three years, and Facebook takes the prize by reaching 50 million people in just two years, according to With the information age in full swing, social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are leading the pack as marketing tools for people and businesses alike to make themselves known to the masses.

Traditionally, companies use these sites to reach customers using a technique that drives most consumers twitchy. The infamous spam bots that show up and drop nondescript messages on forums across the internet social highway are a prime example of what not to do, according to Dan Blacharski, Founder and President of Ugly Dog Media, Inc.

“Typically, social media sites are used by unsophisticated businesses and marketers as a way to blast their product message to as many people as possible via one-liner messages on various forums that say very little about even the product they are trying to sell, let alone the online discussion they have interjected themselves into,” Blacharski says.

“When used properly, social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help a business message to walk on its own. It takes time and commitment that many businesses do not yet fully appreciate,” he continues. “You can hire someone to give you 10,000 posts in a day, but that’s low value participation. The traditional method of forum posting is not marketing at all. It’s a technical or simply mechanical process that is essentially meaningless, and ultimately, can do more harm than good. Forum marketing, as opposed to mechanical forum posting, has value, and that's what we're offering our clients.”

Blacharski, who has more than 20 years of experience in the marketing business, made his start in Silicon Valley during the dotcom boom. With a keen sensibility for how the internet can improve a company’s visibility and sales in the technological age, a sensibility honed through years of experience, Blacharski practices what he preaches. Websites such as and are social media sites created by Ugly Dog Media, Inc. with the intention of reaching a broad range of diverse people. The content on these sites is developed thoughtfully and speaks to the interests of the audience. broaches subjects such as the power of web video marketing and the costs associated with delivering business via a cloud delivery service. The site speaks to what the consumer is looking for when they search online, i.e. good information. Knowledge is power, and providing consumers with that is far more useful than plugging a product, according to Blacharski.

“Forum posting should be a working tool that uses information-based marketing and thought leadership as its primary function,” he says. “Rather than putting meaningless comments into an online discussion, take your time and make thoughtful responses that are not necessarily outright marketing messages, but rather, a part of the conversation. That is how one becomes a thought leader. It costs more, takes more time, but it’s worth it.”

About Ugly Dog Media:
Ugly Dog Media is a full-service commercial copywriting, marketing and public relations firm with clients in the US, Asia and Europe. Ugly Dog Media specializes in creation of high-impact content, social media, article marketing and press release campaigns, white papers and specialized newsletters, and web video. For more information, visit


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