The top 5 coolest cars from moneybarn, the leaders in car finance for people with bad credit

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Choosing a new car with poor credit doesn't mean consumers have to settle for second best and moneybarn have compiled a list of the 5 coolest cars under £30,000 that can be bought with a bad credit car loan.

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Granted it's not especially pretty, nor is it particularly quick, but at number three on the list is a car that ticks nearly all of the boxes of modern drivers and for that reason, makes it onto the list.

With £30,000 to spend on what Top Gear would describe as a "cool" car, where would the average consumer put their money? And if the consumer was looking for car finance for people with bad credit, how would this change things? moneybarn, the UK's leading non prime car finance company have put together a top 5 list of cool cars that are both exciting and interesting, whilst also being within reach of many drivers who have impaired credit.

At number five on the moneybarn bad credit car finance list is a slightly off the wall choice. A 700cc Smart car and a Smart Brabus Roadster to be precise. This is a true 'Marmite' car - people either love the mimimalist, no nonsense approach that Smart take to their cars or think they belong in your local Toys R Us store alongside trikes and bikes...

Even if drivers are not Smart fans, they shouldn't give up just yet - this is no ordinary Smart. And with prices now starting from around £4,000, drivers will struggle to find more driving fun for the money. Tweaked and tickled by legendary Mercedes tuners Brabus, the Brabus Roadster has a re-worked ECU and turbo which ups power to 101hp and has been given stiffer dampers and lower springs which takes grip to a whole new level over her lesser non-Brabus siblings. The Roadster will never worry a Porsche driver in terms of power, but brute force isn't what the car is about - especially since it weighs less than a small child. What it is about is back to basics fun driving - the Roadster has a decent turn of pace provided you keep to the speed limits and yet it still returns upwards of 40mpg. With a moneybarn bad credit car finance deal, a typical Smart Roadster Brabus could be on the driveway for an inital payment of £955.17 and 42 payments of £188.79 (APR 30.2%).

At number four on the list is the Porsche 911. It really should be at number one, but it's pipped to the post by cars that try a little less hard to impress. And from £625.63 a month with moneybarn car finance for people with bad credit it could almost be called a bit of a bargain. Almost.

Yes it may have a reputation and yes, the design has barely changed in decades. But, and this is a really big but - there is really nothing quite like the 911. Since it's inception forty eight years ago (as a 901), the flagship of the Porsche range has become a driving icon, and for good reason. A flat-six engine that sits at the rear beneath the unmistakable long rear overhang growls and burbles, the impossibly precise steering is aided by low weight and immense mechanical grip and it rewards and punishes good or sloppy driving in equal measure. Based on a £25,000 sale price, with a £7,500 initial payment, potential Porsche owners would be looking at a further 35 monthly payments of £625.63 (APR 21.9%).

Granted it's not especially pretty, nor is it particularly quick, but at number three on the list is a car that ticks nearly all of the boxes of modern drivers and for that reason, makes it onto the list. The Skoda Yeti Crossover is inexpensive, reliable and well built car - with huge cabin space and sensible running costs. It also drives better than it's boxy shape and badge would suggest.
Two-wheel drive Yetis are attractively priced and hold their value well, but the four-wheel drive models are fairly pricey - a typical franchised dealer example would cost around £12,995 for the 1.2 litre turbocharged variant - despite being small, it delivers decent punch and still manages to retain respectable mpg figures. This kind of Skoda would cost from just £356.81 per month, based on an inital payment of £1,627.25 and a 48 month agreement (APR 23.1%).

At number two on the list is the Audi RS4 Avant. Enthusiasts have endless debates with BMW and Mercedes owners about the relative merits of the RS4 versus BMW's M3 or the Mercedes C63/ C55 AMG but the Audi edges things. Just. The normally aspirated 4.2 engine delivers a mind boggling amount of power, delivered smoothly all the way to a grin inducing 155 mph and from rest , right up to this electronically limited top end, RS4 owners will be baiting 911 Carrera and other exotica all the way. The RS4, especially in estate form just looks right - purposeful and poised. The V8 sounds incredible too. Jeremy Clarkson described it as being like 'God snoring". Perhaps, but whether owners ever admit it in public or not, they will spend time seeking out tunnels to get an earful of the 414 horses at full gallop.

Plump for the estate and choose a subtle colour and you there's a real 'Q' car. With a moneybarn bad credit car finance agreement on a £23,000 car, customers would need to make an initial payment of £3,026.70 and 47 further payments of £603.36 (APR 20.5%).

At number one on the coolest cars list is a 'car' that has been around since 1947, uses an engine from a Ford Transit, rolls uncomfortably through almost every corner regardless of speed and at over 15ft long probably won't fit in a standard car parking space. Not the best start for a cool car, but the Land Rover Defender is an icon nonetheless. And here's why. Even when 'pimped' with tinted windows, chrome and shiny alloys, the Defender means business - although there's no denying it looks infinitely better muddy and battered. No fancy people carrier or luxury SUV, it's a hardcore off-roader that's unstoppable in the rough, whether faced with impossibly muddy trains, uneven riverbeds or alarmingly steep inclines. In 2011, it could be called an anachronism - it's neither economical (20.9 mpg) sporty (0-60 in 14.7 seconds), environmentally friendly (291g/km) or cheap (£25,000+). But on any given day, in any part of the world, somebody is glad they're in a Defender and not a lesser machine - and for this reason, it's number one on the top coolest car list.

Assuming drivers are not looking to cross rivers or take on deserts, the Landrover Freelander is probably a more usable alternative from Land Rover. Still capable off road and refined on the tarmac, the latest iteration is a different league from the pre-07 version. Prices are starting to creep towards the £10k mark - a main dealer example can be had for around £11,495 and with a moneybarn bad credit car finance deal, it would cost from £318.27 per month, with an initial payment of £1,473.07 and 47 further payments. (APR 24%).

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