Anti-Bed Bug Mattresses Now Available to Public

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New Anti-Bed Bug Mattresses from are now available to the public to help stop the spread of bed bug infestations.

Time of of the essence with bed bugs. Action must be taken quickly before infestation takes hold.

Itchy, tiny, resilient - and more than a little bit scary - bed bugs are making a comeback in the UK. With the rise of cheap overseas travel and the growth of the second-hand furniture market, these tough little pests have moved in with a vengeance, even gaining an immunity to pesticides. In response, is now offering 24 hour delivery of Sealy's new Anti-Bed Bug mattresses.

Bed Bugs spread easily through used furniture and mattresses, which makes used beds an easy vector for the pests.

Bed Bugs are so named because their favourite food is sleeping humans. Drawn out of their nooks by body heat and the expelled C02 from human breath, Bed Bugs draw blood out of their victims by piercing the skin with two tiny tubes. The saliva they inject into the skin with their bites causes a nasty, itchy red welt.

The natural home of a bed bug is the folds and seams of a home mattress, which is why Sealy, the world's largest bed brand, have developed their BugShield range of mattresses and beds. The new mattresses, available from a select group of Sealy distributors, are expected to help make an impact on the UK's growing bed bug problem.

The BugShield range uses a unique fibre which contains a Biocide - guaranteed skin-safe for humans, but a bed bug's worst nightmare. In addition to the bed bug killing biocide, the mattresses also create an inhospitable environment for the insects, which stops them from breeding and creating a further infestation.

The BugShield range offers an enviable 100% bed bug mortality rate, with the vast majority of bugs killed off within 24 hours of the mattress being set up.

Bed Bugs are highly resilient creatures. The latest invaders are resistant to most common pesticides - even those used by professional exterminators. Once they have gained a firm foothold, recurrence of an infestation after spraying is extremely common. To stop a bed bug infestation from taking hold, infested households must take immediate steps to stop the pests before they have a chance to multiply.

If you're concerned that you might have the beginnings of a bed bug infestation, it is absolutely key to act quickly. is a Sealy BugShield distributor who can have an anti bed bug mattress delivered to your bedroom in less than 24 hours. This ensures that you can kill off the bed bugs before they gain a hold.

It is likely that the Bed Bug problem will continue to increase. With overseas travel unlikely to abate and with the sale of used furniture common, it is important for households to be aware of their options to kick the pests before they spread.


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