TierData Supports Big Data and Extreme Performance with Release of AutoPilot 2.0

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Company’s new release offers industry first support for massive enterprise application database growth, storage optimization and dynamic control over performance. Customers using the new release have experienced a dramatic reduction in storage needs while increasing performance on big transaction data systems that are difficult to manage as they continue to grow.

TierData, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise performance and data management software, today announces the newest release of its innovative data management solution, AutoPilot Performance Management Platform 2.0. The release enables customers to manage big data for enterprise applications in minutes and makes significant progress towards a near zero downtime implementation for customers with growing application databases and analytic applications.

AutoPilot 2.0 introduces several industry first enhancements for performance on large business applications as well as support for big transaction data. Large application database customers have historically struggled with finding solutions for maintaining enterprise applications over 10TB’s in size. AutoPilot 2.0 not only makes it possible to manage these data intensive applications and analytic data stores but makes it nearly effortless to implement and maintain.

“Our latest innovations continue to build on our commitment to managing data and performance on the largest databases in the world.” said Rich Butterfield, Chief Executive Officer for TierData. “Customer adoption and feedback on the latest release of AutoPilot 2.0 has proven that our innovative approach is allowing customers to realize benefits they never thought possible with traditional methods. This has opened up entirely new markets for us that were previously untapped because of traditional architecture limitations. Customer demand is increasing exponentially as databases continue to grow unabated”

New capabilities in AutoPilot 2.0 include:

  •     Big data support for OLTP and business analytics databases over 10TB’s including ability to improve data management operational overhead 100x over traditional solutions.
  •     Dynamic Performance Access Layer introduces industry first policy driven performance enhancing solution for big transaction data analytics and day to day OLTP operations.
  •     Rapid Segmentation and near zero downtime implementation to support high volume big data clients that must manage multi-terabyte business applications without effecting the business or application availability.
  •     Complete Subset – An industry first innovation for managing the storage footprint of non-production clones that now addresses master data as well as transaction data without the need to delete data, increase initial storage needs, or spend large amounts of time copying data. Customers can quickly realize up to 80% reduction in the non-production environments which often contain 10 or more full copies of production.
  •     Reduced production footprint – Allows customers to intelligently shrink the size of production databases with zero data loss and without performance penalties.

Customer highlights:

Fortune 1000 Software Provider - Managing big transaction data in mission critical business applications often means submitting to hardware and software solutions that can cause unwanted complexity and dramatically increase cost. This major software provider had accumulated over 9TB’s of data in their financial system, and performance and storage costs were a major concern.    Abandoning non-scalable, traditional methods of data growth control, they deployed TierData’s AutoPilot. The results of the implementation were better performance, a 49TB reduction in storage, and a 30x faster implementation.

Fortune 500 Communications Company - Big data growth in applications has become necessary to fuel new business functionality, identify undiscovered business opportunities and support analytical demands. Finding the balance between information needs and the ability to support the overall system can be a challenge for companies of all sizes. This Fortune 500 communications provider faced a daunting task when their already large field facing compensation system began to grow at over 1TB per year. This growth caused performance issues and high operational costs for storing and maintaining the data. Creating a better and faster user experience while managing a growing business application was a critical component for success and AutoPilot delivered, achieving an 84% boost in system performance.

Large Semiconductor Manufacturer – Using AutoPilot achieved 40% performance boosts on key processes while eliminating traditional methodologies that had become cumbersome and difficult to manage. Managing multiple TB’s of information was causing an operational drain due to the volume of transactions that needed to be managed throughout the database. AutoPilot not only increased performance but allowed them to reduce the maintenance required compared to their traditional system by 99%.

“AutoPilot 2.0 takes performance and data management to the next level and finally offers an unmatched solution to the largest data consumers in the world,” said Micah Deriso, TierData VP of Sales. “We are looking forward to continuing our focus on innovative technology for a previously inaccessible market. AutoPilot 2.0 offers the fastest and most scalable products for managing large mission critical business applications that need sustainable performance and robust data management capabilities.”

About TierData

TierData Inc. is a leading provider of performance and data growth management solutions for big data enterprise applications. The TierData AutoPilot platform helps customers manage the cost of data growth in enterprise application environments. AutoPilot technology is used to increase performance and reduce operational costs associated with large applications and databases.

For more information, contact TierData at http://www.tierdata.com or (408) 933-3301 or info(at)tierdata(dot)com


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