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Share Article, a blog about popular fiction, classic literature, and eBooks, has published new blog posts about fiction books to suit every taste, classic literature, and reading books online.

The ancient tradition of literature is being ushered into the modern era with the help of eBooks, according to, a blog dedicated to popular fiction, classic literature, and eBooks, has released several new blog posts, including “Fiction Books – Something For Every Taste,” “Classic Literature ” and “Reading Books Online.”

The post “Fiction Books – Something for Every Taste” from discusses the definition of fiction and the way in which this particular method of storytelling manifests itself throughout its many subgenres, such as science fiction, romantic fiction, adventure fiction, and so on. The author attributes fiction’s appeal in large part to its high level of malleability. There is a great deal of variety in the genre, which afford both writer and reader a brisk workout for their imaginations. The author recommends some of her favorite fiction books and lists some alternative formats outside of the traditional bound book that are available to today’s reader.

In the blog post, “Classic Literature,” published on, the author explores the insight and timelessness with which classical pieces of literature present the long-standing, age-old struggles and questions that shape humanity. She posits that this invaluable quality of relatability, which stretches across all types and genres, is one of the standards by which the classics are set apart from the books. The author describes some of the most beloved classics to come out of the nineteenth and twentieth century’s from all over the world. She compares and contrasts their unique interpretations of society, the values and traditions they challenged, and their overall cultural impact.

The ancient tradition of literature is being ushered into the modern era with the help of eBooks, according to on the page “Reading Books Online.” In this blog post, the author takes a refreshing, fearless and bold stance in support of electronic books that is counter to the pro-traditional bound books stance that dominates the sentiments of many of the reading world’s most popular circles. The author discusses the many advantages to purchasing eBooks and points to pieces of evidence that suggest the eBook is truly the wave of the literary future.

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