Statins Side Effects Are the Main Reason Millions of Americans Are Not Treating Their High Cholesterol; Natural Alternatives Could Be the Solution

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Statins side effects are the main reason a reported 59% of all patients prescribed Statins therapy stop taking them within one year. The millions of Americans that are now going untreated can benefit from all natural therapies that have been shown to be safe, effective and affordable reports Solana Health.

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Thankfully when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol I had an open-minded doctor who warned me about statins side effects and advised me to try natural alternatives. Now I just take one capsule a day of Cardiol to manage my cholesterol.

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Today, statins side effects and their cost are the main reasons more than half of all patients prescribed statins therapy stop taking them within a year (1) reports Solana Health, a California company that promotes all natural supplements as an alternative treatment to statins therapy. High cholesterol affects an estimated 120 million Americans over the age of 20, and when left untreated, the resulting increased risk of heart disease is one of the most important and costly health issues facing this country (2). According to a follow up survey of 768,000 patients who stopped their statins therapy, the most common side effects experienced were muscle ache (33%) and weakness (16%), other side effects reported included stomach complaints (9%), headache (8%), memory loss (7%), flushing (6%), and liver problems (5%). Additionally, 10% of patients stopped taking the drugs due to the high cost1.

“Thankfully when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol I had an open-minded doctor who warned me about statins side effects and advised me to try natural alternatives. Now I just take one capsule a day of Cardiol to manage my cholesterol,” noted David McMahon, founder of Solana Health.

“So many people are quitting statins therapy and just not treating their high cholesterol because they don’t know that there are alternative natural treatments that are safe, effective and affordable”. In 2008, the Mayo Clinic conducted a highly respected, randomized double-blinded study that verified the benefits of one all natural treatment. The lead author of the study, Dr. Becker, summarized the findings, “Lifestyle changes combined with ingestion of red yeast rice and fish oil reduced LDL cholesterol in proportions similar to standard therapy…”(5),(3). Solana Health offers a free e-book “How to Lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally” and more information on their educational website:

One of the new statins therapy being promoted by the pharmaceutical companies is to significantly increase the dose of statins to increase their effectiveness. However; several studies have found that statins side effects increased directly with higher doses, most notably a 12% increase in diabetes. "One thing we do know is that there does appear to be a dose effect with statin therapy, with the risk of diabetes mellitus increasing with higher doses," stated Dr. Kausik Ray (4)

In conclusion, the fact that over half of Americans with high cholesterol are discontinuing their statins therapy is alarming and unnecessary. Natural remedies combined with a healthier lifestyle have been shown to be safe and effective in managing cholesterol. To learn more about how these natural remedies may help you download our free e-book “How to Lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally”.

Sources: 1. Avorn J, Monette J, Lacour A, et al. Persistence of use of lipid-lowering medications. A cross-sectional study. JAMA. 1998;279:1458-1462. 2. American Heart Association estimate 3. Supplement may be statin alternative for some, June 16, 2009, By Ray Hainer, CNN 4. High-dose statin therapy increases the risk of diabetes: Meta-analysis, JUNE 21, 2011 Michael O'Riordan, 5.

About Solana Health:
Solana Health is a California-based wellness company committed to providing the highest quality nutritional supplements at the best possible prices. Solana Health supplements are registered with the FDA and manufactured under Good Manufacturing Processes. Their products are considered pharmaceutical-grade and every batch of ingredients is third party tested to guarantee purity and potency. Cardiol is a one-capsule-per-day supplement that combines nine potent natural ingredients that are proven to help lower LDL and raise HDL cholesterol levels. For more information, or to request Solana Health’s free e-book “How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally So You Can Live the Long, Happy Life You Deserve”, please visit


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