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Recent survey results, released by GfK Custom Research on June 3, 2011, show that the higher the level of education, the more engaged employees are in their work. My Colleges and Careers helps students become engaged in a career by connecting them with online colleges and universities that can help them complete their education.

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The higher the degree a professional holds, the more likely it is that they will be highly engaged in their work.

According to a recent survey completed by GfK Custom Research, the higher the degree a professional holds, the more likely it is that they will be highly engaged in their work. Survey results showed that 38 percent of PhD holders were highly engaged in their professions, as opposed to the 25 percent of those with less than a high school education who were highly engaged. My Colleges and Careers promotes the furthering of education by providing potential students with all of the information they need to start their schooling. Specifically, My Colleges and Careers can connect students with some of the best online universities. These schools offer a wide range of degrees, from basic certifications to online bachelors degrees and even online PhD programs, which will allow a student to be prepared to become highly engaged in their future career.

The survey also showed that 35 percent of managers and only 21 percent of regular employees are highly engaged in their jobs. Employees at small companies are also more engaged than those who work at large companies— with 37 percent being highly engaged at small companies and only 23 percent highly engaged at large companies. An online education will give students the skills needed to work in more engaging careers.

Other information provided of the GfK Custom Research survey showed a list of the top engaging and disengaging industries. The top five industries with highly engaged employees were found in construction, professional services, business services, information technology, and public utilities. Forensic psychologists, for example, are one group of professionals that would be highly engaged in their careers. Not only does it require a PhD to work as a forensic psychologist, but they are also a part of the professional services industry. My Colleges and Careers has many of these types of careers listed under their top careers.

The top five industries with disengaged employees were retail, real estate, public administration, education, and manufacturing. It is interesting to note that in several of these industries, there are only two that require you to have more than a high school diploma. According to research done by My Colleges and Careers, both public administration and education careers are in high demand and job prospects are excellent due to the lack of students getting degrees in these fields. Knowing this, prospective students will be able to make informed decisions about the kind of career they wish to pursue.

Even though the GfK Custom Research survey showed that increased engagement in a career can possibly be connected with raised stress levels, there is still greater overall satisfaction from professionals who are highly engaged in their careers. My Colleges and Careers offers multiple services on their website that will allow prospective students to find a degree and thereby become highly engaged in their careers. The most useful feature of the site is the degree finding tool that helps students find online institutions that offer programs in their field of interest. The My College and Careers website also features information about degree and career statistics, news updates, and other information, such as financial aid. The blog, which features advice from experts, is also an excellent tool for those needed extra advice on different educational and career subjects.

My Colleges and Careers is committed to helping students find an online school so they can earn their degree and embark on a rewarding career. A powerful resource for individuals who have full-time jobs and family responsibilities, My Colleges and Careers connects people with the programs that help them earn their degree through the convenience of the internet. My Colleges and Careers is able to help prepare all potential students in finding whatever information they need to help them complete their education and start a successful career.


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