Real Women Talking Announces The Latest Hot Topic of Conversation Nationwide

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Women nationwide are talking about choices. Women today are on a new playing field, working, mothering, or just mapping out their own game plans. But, from what Real Women Talking is being told, it may not be as enjoyable and liberating as our mothers imagined. . . yet.

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"Women are like superheros without capes!"

Real Women Talking, website and book series, is a think tank on modern womanhood. According to co-founders, Shari Berman and Jennifer Finkelstein "we have been told that we certainly give women a lot to talk about." Berman and Finkelstein added: "Through our targeted social media campaigns and our website, focus groups, speaking engagements and thought-provoking questionnaires that we have and continue to disseminate nationwide, women are talking and talking."

The latest topic of interest, according to Berman and Finkelstein is about "choices." Women today seem gifted, like no other generation before them, and are presented with abundant life choices. While most women today are no longer confined to familial roles of being a wife, mother and/or care-giver, women are educated, industrious and motivated." Through their research and talking to and listening to what women are saying at speaking engagements and on line via their website and social network sites, Real Women Talking co-founders are hearing a resonating chorus of women "talking about how hard it is to manage their choices." As Berman and Finkelstein volunteer: "Women share that when at work, they often feel guilty that they are not at home with their children. And when with their children, they often feel stressed about not focusing on their work. Feeling neither highly productive or effective in either camp, often women are left feeling pulled, sometimes guilt-ridden and certainly exhausted."

Real Women Talking co-founders have also heard women talking about how there are few, if any role models from previous generations of women on "how" to manage their hectic, modern lives. They add: "Women today are without a GPS system on how to "do it all, without losing their minds." Berman and Finkelstein admit: "these women are off geo-caching without a compass, a GPS device, coordinates, or for some, even a map. And they are often wondering if they even want to 'have it all,' in whatever way 'all' means to them."

"Women tell us all the time that they want and need to change the discourse from 'how to have it all and do it all,' to 'how can I be happy and fulfilled?' This is a difficult change, since women today seem pressured in multiple ways to be 'Superheros without capes.'" And, as Berman and Finkelstein, both mothers who are working readily admit: "While we could all use a good cape, trying to measure up to a Superhero is not good for anyone's ego."

According to Berman and Finkelstein, "'Being a woman today is exhausting,' and so we have heard. Women tell us that although they are living in an incredible era of female empowerment, they still need time to figure out how to shed the social constructions and incredible pressures that still impede their "real" liberation. It is our hope, that through Real Women Talking we can begin to shed these social constructions. Only then can we truly move forward."

About Real Women Talking
What started out as a simple conversation between friends about motherhood today, Real Women Talking spun into a website and soon-to-be book series leading a rich nationwide chorus about the ways in which countless women are living, talking and trying to exhale today. Real Women Talking aims to engage women in some serious water cooler talk, book club talk and everyday conversations about life “choices,” work/life balance, self-care and other issues causing women an existential and everyday guilt. Real Women Talking is a catalyst for "real talking" and creates opportunities for women to connect, receive validation, resonance and support, judgement-free, in a variety of safe spaces. To add your voice to our book on the real deal of motherhood, visit Real Women Talking and answer the questionnaire on motherhood, “like” us on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter.


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