Defective Product Liability Lawsuit Filed Against the Mortgage Industry as a Group. Mortgage Product Recall?

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Mass Product Defect Liability Lawsuit Charging Mortgage Industry as a Group Filed by CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic in LUIS FRANCISCO, ET AL, V. CITIGROUP, INC. ET AL,

Another homeless family with small children

According to the just filed California Superior Court Case # 30-2011-00455676-CU-OR-CJC, titled “LOUIS FRANCISCO, et al. v. CITIGROUP, INC., et al”, CPAC, Non Profit Law Clinic focused on helping struggling families with small children and the elderly facing Homelessness due to bank fraud and lender abuse, is charging the mortgage industry has been operating in a manner designed to defraud homeowners.

According to CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic's President, G. Lee. Lane who is a 39-year multi-state licensed attorney who served as dean and professor of several law universities for 18 years and has authored numerous books, some of which have been cited by U.S Congress, "CPAC is doing what our government has not. CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic is fighting against a display of alleged bank fraud and lender abuse that is detailed in our California Superior Court documents just filed."

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Even Hollywood's recent Academy Awards recognized the problem in the recently acclaimed film "Inside Job". In his Academy Award speech Charles Ferguson's comment, when he accepted the award, "Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by massive fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that's wrong." Perhaps you should ask yourself if it were the average Joe, John Q Public, you or I , would we NOT be behind bars?

Under California's recent law SB 94, attorney and dean G. Lee Lane opinions that the government prohibits private sector professionals, including the honest and effective ones from attempting to help the American consumer. "SB 94 is an absolute prohibition of such prepaid work," stated Dean Lane.

CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic currently represents over 240 individual civil lawsuits against banks. CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic fights mortgage bankers who can afford to hire the most expensive attorneys.

According to attorney Lane CPAC's position is that this new California Superior Court lawsuit, Francisco, et al, v. Citigroup, et al, is a special kind of lawsuit. This type of lawsuit has not happened against the banking industry before, because it allows those who until now could not afford to use the American court system, to file a lawsuit against their lender to put an end to the banking problems in the mortgage spiral.

Lane continues "What CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic has done is what we would expect our government to have already done; file a 'Defective Product Liability Lawsuit' against the mortgage industry on behalf of the American people". He went on to state that not since working 30 years ago on the asbestos and lung disease epidemic, has the strategy dean Lane crafted been used in America.

Author and dean Lane states, "Finally, someone has put a neon yellow florescent sign on the 1000 lb gorilla in the room. Finally there is an opportunity for the average American to stand up against the JP Morgan Chases, GMAC's and all the others."

CPAC's president and staff attorneys crafted this suit so that it allows additional homeowners to be joined with previous plaintiffs to enter into this lawsuit economically. The suit makes it clear that banks are foreclosing on American families with small children while allegedly falsely misleading them into believing they were on track to get a simple loan modification. Instead, after many thousands of dollars being paid to the lenders, rather than a loan modification agreement they get a notice of sale on their homes forcing families, even mothers with small children to be evicted from their home, facing homelessness, states the just filed lawsuit.                

Lori Krasch and her four-year-old son are just one example of such a family. In a separate individual case, Case # GC044987 filed in the Superior Court of California by Charles Ton Esq, just one of the CPAC staff attorneys representing the consumers against their mortgage companies states "This young woman was told by her bank that she was getting a loan modification. According to court documents she states that she did everything her lender requested, for almost a year. Then her lender told her that her loan modification was not approved and her house was instead going to auction."

According to CPAC's just filed mortgage product defect liability lawsuit this is a typical story for millions of Americans. Court documents on Lori Krasch et al vs. Wells Fargo US Bank et al reflect that what makes Lori's story so different is she went beyond what most Americans today are doing. Her story is she wrote a letter to California's Governor Brown, but was not responded too.

Then, according to court documents, Lori contacted the FDIC & the U.S. Department of Treasury, getting the same lack of response. Lori then, according to court documents, contacted the Attorney for her Bank Trustee, who actually foreclosed on her, with the details that her signature allegedly was forged and the lenders allegedly backdated court documents, providing hard evidence and proof to the lender’s attorney that the same signatures on her very questionable documents bared the same name and signatures in what has been previously referred to as a ‘robo-signer’ in the recent 50 state Attorneys General investigation. All she received was a letter telling her "The contractual terms of the trust documents limit our role", or in a clearer translation "Too bad!" In Lori's opining; no one was willing to assist her and her small family that then sought refuge in a seedy run down motel.            

CPAC feels the recent state Attorneys General investigation against bank fraud and lender abuse very quickly and quietly ended up as a quiet whisper including the forgery and robo-signing discovery. Well CPAC cares; CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic cares enough to continue to fight for trustee sale reversals. The reversal or rescission of the foreclosure trustee sale is one of the more aggressive legal services CPAC offers.        

CPAC is currently looking for any homeowner, with a small child or not, elderly family member living with you or not. Any homeowner that thinks they were lied to, misled, defrauded or abused by any mortgage company.

Attorney Charles Ton states, "The more people who actually stand up, the more the people can make a difference". If you know someone who may benefit from CPAC's help, do not let the abuse continue. If you would like to have your situation reviewed to be included in the mortgage industry product defect lawsuit against your lender, CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic will perform a Lender Fraud and Violation Analysis free while you get Pre-qualified for one of several permanent principal reduction programs that are available. Go to the "enroll here" page at More on CPAC's fight with the mortgage lenders to be released on CPAC's web site.

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