The Government Furlough Will Slow Down Federal Hiring

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A furlough and government shutdown will slow down government hiring and reduce the number of government jobs hired in 2011. The government will hire eventually, but without human resources specialists and hiring managers at their desks, the hiring process will be slower.

The US Government has been the best employer for new hires since 2008 in America. The Continuing Resolution and possible furlough could slow hiring and federal jobs for 2011.

Kathryn Troutman, Author and Federal Career Expert, advises current and federal job jobseekers to be patient with ongoing federal job applications with the impending government furlough.

Around 800,000 federal employees are now receiving their furlough notice instructions today, including human resources specialists and hiring managers. Federal jobs that have closing dates during the furlough will be waiting for results for longer than the typical 45 to 90 days advised by the Office of Personnel Management.

For thousands of active federal job seekers currently have applications submitted on USAJOBS, their applications will be stalled until the government is funded.

U.S. Office Of Personnel Management's (OPM) Contingency Plan For The Suspension Of Operations In The Absence Of Appropriations memo states that the OPM prohibits an agency from obligating funds unless the agency has received an appropriation. In the event of a lapse in appropriations, some OPM operations will be suspended. This would include offering positions, reviewing applications by staff who will not be at work., the automated system will accept resumes during the furlough, and you can search for announcements, but if the HR specialists are furloughed, then the applications will not be reviewed until the staff returns.

Currently, there is a slow-down due to the Continuing Resolution. Thousands of current federal job seekers are waiting for responses to their active applications. Job seekers who have received notification of the application status will wait for the human resources specialists to return to work to respond to questions or handle the hiring process. Human Resources Managers have not been offering jobs or even interviewed candidates due to the possible lack of appropriations to fund the positions.

Today there are 1117 jobs available in Washington, DC open to All US Citizens with closing dates for positions ranging from 4 days two weeks. There are 2238 positions open to Status job seekers. These applications will be handled with the furlough is over. These positions are current posted, you can still apply for them, but the responses will be slower.

When the FY12 Budget is finally passed, the vacancy announcements will be posted, and the hiring will go back to normal. But the process will be slower, due to the time needed to catch up on the thousands of jobs that the government typically hires.

With the job market being uncertain already, unemployment at just under 9%, Americans need permanent, temporary or term to return to normalcy in America. The federal hiring process is already complex and long, especially with possible security clearances. This slow budget process, threat of furlough is dramatically affecting the morale of job seekers who aren’t seeing timely responses to their applications.

Thousands of federal employees are seeking new positions due to their agency BRAC programs. The furlough will cause major job search and relocation problems for federal employees and managers who are continuing to manage changing organizational missions and relocation. The employees affected by BRAC may be furloughed too, and this will affect their agency relocation plans, as well as the employee job search efforts

A government shutdown and furloughs of government workers will hurt the job market and the unemployment rates of America. This will NOT be a positive step toward recovery and jobs for Americans. The government needs to stay in business and get back to business with a working budget today so Americans can go back to work!

Article Author, Kathryn Troutman, experienced the 1996 furloughs first-hand from her offices at the time on 1725 K Street, NW, Washington, DC with her federal job search clients. Her first book, The Federal Resume Guidebook was published the same month as the 1996 furlough. The new federal resume format, the elimination of the SF-171, and the furlough caused massive Federal human resources and applicant confusion, slowing of federal job hiring and problems for job seekers and human resources in government.

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