LendAClick.com Launches New Social Media Advertising Venture with Plans for Expansion in 2011

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LendAClick.com creates a unique opportunity for Advertisers and local residents to join forces to create word of mouth social media advertising. Advertisers create buzz by using a trusted source for a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Local residents make money by promoting advertisers products on popular social media.

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“We wanted a new, innovative way for people to learn about the many great products and services of local businesses within their communities, without the typical frustrations suffered by other types of advertising,”

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LendAClick.com launches new social media advertising venture with plans for expansion in 2011.

Unique Opportunity for Advertisers and Clickers to Join Forces, Drive Traffic and Earn Money

With spring comes the launch of many exciting new businesses, but for one brand new company based in Oklahoma, originality is the premise behind this web-based concept. It blends modern social media marketing technologies with the need for unique advertising platforms that are more affordable to the brick-and-mortar business owner.

Many companies are discovering the numerous benefits of social media as a new way to network and build relationships with customers, driving traffic to their sites and businesses. However, many of these opportunities present the age old dilemma of high expense and fruitless results, causing frustration to businesses that are already tapped out amid the economic depression. In fact, traditional advertising methods, such as print, radio and television ad, point to increasingly significant declines in both users who are influenced by these mediums and advertisers who spend advertising dollars.

Having owned a variety of businesses including a large software service business, restaurant, retail brick-and-mortar store, computer service store, and several entertainment related businesses, LendAClick.com’s founders applied their many combined years of experience as entrepreneurs to develop a new alternative for advertisers, and one that is much more cost efficient and effective. The recent launch of LendAClick.com in Tulsa, Oklahoma is an idea that was spawned from a need for affordable advertising in today’s highly competitive media markets. The practicality of online media and the new advertising opportunities that it brings to business owners is one that has taken off in only a short time.

A test run of LendAClick.com in the fall of 2010 in Tulsa, Oklahoma introduced a new concept in online advertising, providing a viable alternative to the dilemma of how to drive customer traffic to a business or service at a price that many business owners could actually afford. LendAClick.com was designed to provide an innovative way to ‘create a buzz’ about any company’s product or service using the most popular social media services without intrusive pop-ups, spam or any nuances that other online advertising companies have tried and that now saturate users to the point of being not effective.

It works by recruiting local residents who become ‘Clickers’. The ‘Clickers’ support the products and services by spreading the word to their friends and family. These clickers can register with LendAClick.com and easily talk about or “Like” the products and services of the advertisers on the Facebook, Twitter, Digg or YouTube accounts, with a benefit of getting paid to do so. For job seekers looking for an extra income, some ambitious Clickers of LendAClick.com can even make ‘clicking’ a part time job if they so desire. In fact, LendaClick’s tagline is “Live Your Life. Get Paid”. People can rave about their favorite products and services, and get paid to do so and without changing the way they interact on their favorite social networks.

“We wanted a cool way for people to learn about the many great products and services of local businesses within their communities, without the typical frustrations suffered by other types of advertising,” explained founder Greg Peters. “LendAClick.com is an advertising program unlike any other programs online because it provides the a systematic method for advertisers to get word of mouth advertising from local residents without forcing either party to do anything they don’t want to participate in. It’s a socially acceptable concept that the Clickers really enjoy and the advertisers really profit from.”

Another thing that stands apart with the use of LendAClick.com is the fact that unlike TV/Radio and other traditional advertising mediums, businesses owners get a money back guarantee, which is something unheard of in the advertising industry. Advertisers also get to help craft the message that the clickers posts to their social media accounts. So, for example, a restaurant owner in Tulsa can reach as many people as a prime time television commercial for a fraction of the cost. The biggest benefit is that unlike traditional media, the message is received from consumer’s friends rather than the advertiser themselves, which is a much more trusted form of advertising.

LendAClick.com will be expanding its presence in other markets beginning with Oklahoma City in late spring, followed by other regional cities throughout 2011 and 2012 such as Dallas, Kansas City and St. Louis with plans to take the program nationally over the next 5 years. They are expected to hire over 1000 individuals within 5 years with about 200 jobs in Tulsa, OK.

For more information, visit http://www.LendAClick.com
Email address: Support(at)LendAClick(dot)com
Phone Number: 918-289-6398


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