Certified Foundations, Inc. Invites FAS3 Members to Discussion of the 10 Year Warranty for Foundation Stabilization Developed by CFI and 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Corp.

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Paul Thomas, National Risk Manager for 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, was instrumental in developing the new foundation stabilization warranty product being provided to Certified Foundations, Inc. customers. He will be joining the CFI team in Florida to give a detailed explanation of their warranty to other Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists (FAS3) Contractor members.

“And just as we took the lead to build a quality warranty, we will now take the lead in offering this great product to our full members in good standing. In the final analysis, it will work to put us all on solid ground.”

Certified Foundations, Inc. President Jim Collier took on a monumental task when he began his search in 2011, for a nationally recognized warranty company who was exemplary and well-respected; one who would also be interested in developing a warranty program for the foundation stabilization market in Florida.

His goal was customer driven; and fueled by the many conversations members of the sales team were having with their customers. The increasing number of stabilization problems in Central Florida specifically, and stories about the Florida home stabilization market in general, were a growing source of concern about the future direction of the industry.

Families deserved and always received a quality repair solution from CFI, but now customers were also asking about available guarantees. And would a warranty help a homeowner sell their home, if it became necessary sometime in the future to sell? And of course, they wanted a warranty that was solidly written, where benefits were spelled out and also backed by a third-party insurer. It needed to be a warranty, that would be of more value than simply the piece of paper on which it was written.

It had become clear that what CFI needed, and customers required, were more than assurances. They needed a well-crafted warranty. One backed by a third party insurer that guaranteed in writing, what CFI had always provided to its customers, the best possible remediation solution. Collier and his team wanted to deliver a program that would be a legitimate consumer benefit; that would support the mission of CFI and be independently recognized for its own rock-solid value. The search was on, and it was no small task.

As it so often happens, the search for answers became a two-way street, and the warranty company had as many questions for CFI, as CFI had requirements for them. “We knew that we would have to meet some exacting standards to qualify to make this happen,” said Jim Collier. “But we did find a warranty company, and we did have to pass their standards for both financial stability and technical competency to move forward with this project. We passed their scrutinizing with flying colors.”

That partner in this endeavor is the industry giant New Home Warranty Insurance Company. The warranty administrator is 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Corporation, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and the warranty product which they worked together to develop, is labeled the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty© for All Florida Foundation Stabilization Projects.

In January 2012, CFI launched the new program and now provides the 2-10 HBW insurance backed 10 year transferable warranty to each of their foundation stabilization customers; it is part of their commitment to respond, to legitimate consumer requests. “It is the tangible manner in which we stand behind the quality of our work and the way we can offer additional support for all of the Florida families making the decision to choose CFI for their foundation stabilization projects. We’ve been specializing in this work since 1989, and understand how difficult this process is for Florida homeowners.” Collier added.

It also came as a surprise to members of the Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists (FAS3) when each received a personal invitation from Jim Collier, President of Certified Foundations, Inc. to join him for lunch several weeks ago, as a way of an introduction to the topics of common challenges and potential solutions. From the outset of the meeting, Jim’s intent was clear. If the warranty that had been developed could help to set a bench-mark of quality and actual industry standards for companies like CFI and other FAS3 members in the sinkhole repair-foundation stabilization business, Jim was committed to bringing the warranty to the group. “My goal is to help improve standards in the marketplace. The downturn in the building industry has given rise to a large number of contractors with no experience or specialized equipment entering this arena.” Jim Collier remarked to the group. “You are seeing signs like ‘Joe’s Roofing, Paving and Sinkhole Repair’ or 'Blue Skies and Sandy Beach Builders and Restoration Experts' on the tailgates of pickup trucks. It reflects poorly on industry standards, ones that we as an organization are working to uphold in this business.” he continued.

Jim Collier as President of Certified Foundations, Inc., will be introducing Paul Thomas, National Risk Manager for 2-10HBW, who was instrumental in developing the Florida warranty product, to the Contractor membership of the Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists (FAS3) at a meeting this week. CFI is taking this step to honor Jim’s original goal: to develop a warranty that would be a benefit to both the industry and the families of Florida. “As one of the founding members of the FAS3 organization, we constantly challenge ourselves to uphold industry best practices.” Jim remarked “And just as we took the lead to build a quality warranty, we will now take the lead in offering this great product to our full members in good standing. In the final analysis, it will work to put us all on solid ground.”

Helping consumers understand the working partnership of insurance companies, engineering firms and specialized remediation companies which must take place to get their jobs done, is another overarching goal for Jim Collier and his team. “This process to completion is not a sprint or a marathon. It is more like a relay, where we must all work together to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers,” says Collier. “Consider the warranty our baton. CFI is going to pass this warranty on to our team members to ensure that the goal of successfully repairing a family’s home, most likely their greatest investment and one of their most prized possessions, is the finish line we cross together.”

About Certified Foundations, Inc.

Since 1989 Certified Foundations, Inc. has been the residential foundation and soil stabilization company of choice for thousands of Florida’s property owners. Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, the Central Florida location facilitates the timely dispatch of crews which provide services throughout the entire State of Florida.
For over 23 years, this successful family-owned company has continued to provide cost-effective solutions through its commitment to the development of innovative remediation answers to a variety of foundation challenges. An industry leader, President James J. Collier has spearheaded the development of the company’s newly introduced CFI 10-Year Transferable Warranty for Residential Foundation Stabilization Projects.

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