Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder (VSDIF) A "Must Have" Photographer Tool

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Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder or VSDIF for short, the famous software for finding similar or duplicate images within a directory has recently added a set of new features that has it all set for extensive usage by photographers.

The RAW image format, natively used by digital cameras to store images is now supported by VSDIF. The RAW format is used in cameras to provide high quality unprocessed images. This means the size of RAW files is going to be very high, making direct manipulation very difficult. Generally, most software convert the images from RAW format to JPEG or PNG. Though not perceptible to most of us, this leads to significant loss in quality. VSDIF’s new RAW support module extends the software to read from RAW images directly, saving the user a lot of hassle in converting the images into JPG.

Since RAW format can vary slightly from vendor to vendor, it is difficult to encompass the whole range. Instead, VSDIF has taken up the task of identifying the most common brands of digital cameras for support. It might support other models and brands too, but the users have to test it themselves. VSDIF provides a free demo version of the software for doing this.

It also has an improved search technique based on EXIF Timestamp. They are special information on the time of taking the photographs that is stored in the image’s header by the camera. By finding images that have the same timestamps from the same camera, it can easily be concluded that they’re duplicates. This also helps find photos taken in burst mode, where adjacent pictures are taken with a very small time difference between them.

The next feature that makes this an indispensable tool in a digital photographer’s arsenal is the sample search. When supplied with a sample image and a folder, VSDIF can scan the folder to find all images that are similar to the sample image. For example, this technique can be easily employed to find all close-up shots of tulips in a folder by giving a tulip shot as the sample. This can help the photographer aggregate his collection based on the subject and theme of the photo.

VSDIF also allows you to search for images with a specified percentage of similarity. This can help find similar photographs taken with different lighting conditions, a common woe among photographers.
Apart from these features, VSDIF also offers excellent image duplication detection. It can identify duplicates from rotated and flipped images too. Within reasonable limits, it can detect images that have gone through color filters and other distortions.

About VSDIF & MindGems
VSDIF is a program that tries to imitate ‘human’ behavior to find out duplicate images in a specified folder. With its excellent feature set and intuitive user interface, it is already a rage among photographers and image enthusiasts around the world.

MindGems, the maker of VSDIF, is a well established software firm that provides customers with services similar to VSDIF like file duplication detection and other system customization software.

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