"Infinity's" New Breakthrough Milestone Anti Aging and Body Repair Longevity Formulation is Granted US Patent Pending Status to JDI International's Global MLM Company

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The anti aging and body repair support Breakthrough Milestone formulation for Longevity health from the new "Infinity" brand, which was granted US Patent Pending documentation after years of research and development, is now being marketed world-wide by JDI International's MLM division.

Infinity Anti-Aging and Body Repair

The world's best-kept secrets about anti aging therapies are revealed, pointing to Breakthrough Milestones involving Longevity health benefits for mankind.

The world's best-kept secrets about anti aging therapies are revealed, pointing to breakthrough milestones involving Longevity health benefits for mankind.

Since time immemorial mankind has been searching for Eternal Youth in one form or another. In the arts, the famous painting embodying the concept is Jim Warren's master work "Eternal Youth," exhibited on http://www.artcollectorswebsite.com.

The important poem devoted to the subject of Eternal Youth or Immortality is John Keats' "Ode to a Grecian Urn" and the famous novel embracing the concept is Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray."

For years upon years Hollywood insiders have long known that the wealthiest and most famous movie stars and celebrities have spent fortunes and have gone to great lengths to secure "secret" anti aging therapies and skin-care creams to keep them looking wrinkle free, "glamorous" and "ageless" even when some of them were a longtime into their sixties, seventies and even in their eighties and beyond.

Some of those Hollywood insiders were skeptics and unbelievers all along, calling the best-kept anti aging secrets outright "hocus pocus!" But don't dare tell that to the "ageless glamor queens" or "virile matinee idols" of the silver screen who were busy feeling healthier, looking younger and above all --- living longer.

Unless one was personally involved first hand, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of these so-called "miracle" rejuvenations or transformations were never divulged to the public and are still kept highly guarded secrets and strictly confidential to this day.

Keep in mind, we're talking about Longevity --- real life Longevity health --- not someone's superficial skin-deep cosmetic surgery, not diffused camera lenses or key lighting tricks to hide wrinkles, not special effects and not Photo shop software or facelifts. We're talking about real life Longevity health as it relates to Eternal Youth.

Listed in the ingredients of anti aging and Longevity formulations, one comes across dozens of medical words and terms probably never seen or read before. However, what is important is that the formula works --- that the results increase Longevity health --- on the surface of the skin as well as inside the physical body.

But now, due to JDI International and its new advanced anti aging formula "Infinity," (http://www.stemcellvitaminformula.com) for example, people don't have to be a movie star or a wealthy man or women with unlimited funds to look and feel younger and healthier and to live longer. And they do not have to go to an expensive private spa or a hidden clinic God knows where in Switzerland where fortunes are still being spent for anti aging Eternal Youth therapies.

Until now, many state-of-the-art anti aging and Longevity therapies were out of reach for the average, everyday person and usually whispered about only for the ears and pocketbooks of the ultra-rich. But not necessarily anymore.

Those days of facing needle injections or going under the knife in expensive clinics, spas or hospitals are now numbered because "the times --- they are a-changin.'" The long-awaited anti aging and body repair support breakthrough milestone formulation is here and now --- from "Infinity," who holds the US registered patent pending documentation. Longevity is no longer relegated to faces on a painting or to bodies on a Grecian urn or to characters in a novel. Longevity health can now be alive and well inside the human body.

Up until now, no one has had access to this breakthrough Longevity formulation. For the first time, due to scientific stem cell research advancements coming of age and US patent pending certification, one need go no further than to the new bottle of "Infinity" capsules which offers a formula for Longevity health but also offers a the new marketing opportunity around the world. Here's why:

"Infinity" is JDI International's over-the-counter anti aging and body repair support formulation just now reaching the international marketplace."Infinity" is being distributed world-wide at a introductory price lower than those high-prices charged by those "Luxury Longevity Palaces." A person can become immediately involved as a marketing distributor in JDI International's MLM organization at http://www.stemcellvitaminformula.com to place orders or to join the marketing organization.

Worth noting is the fact that there are additional opportunities than most people are aware of. Being that JDI International is a Multi Level Marketing company, customers can also earn extra money by marketing "Infinity" and health-oriented JDI products to other people and by building commissions from their down line. See http://www.stemcellvitaminformula.com for further information.

Furthermore, JDI International, a U.S. based stem cell research and nutrition company, is a division of Emergent Health Corp., a public company which is headquartered in King of Prussia, PA. JDI International made global news earlier in 2011 when it introduced the revolutionary World's First Daily Vitamin with Stem Cell Nutrition Support.

Indeed, it has been a long time coming, but anti aging and Longevity health therapies and treatments and scientific achievements are finally acquiring the plaudits and respect of medical science and research after years of false starts and unjustified, self-interest challenges to its integrity.

Now widely-recognized health-oriented international agencies, organizations, and governments are following and reporting newly-published documentation and developments from around the world of anti aging Longevity and stem cell breakthrough milestones for mankind.

"Infinity" is now available as a welcomed, integral part of one's daily Longevity health regime.

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