MARCHVEGAS Launches Online Travel Site and Holiday Proposal

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In addition to launching its online travel site specializing in trips to Las Vegas, also proposes two additional vacation days during the first Thursday of the March Madness tournament – Thursday, March 15 and Friday, March 16 for 2012.

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One of our goals is to direct that energy, that tendency to frequently go to Las Vegas, and meld it into an annual 4-day holiday for the masses.

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MARCHVEGAS is proud to announce the launch of its online travel services focusing on travel accommodations to Las Vegas, as well as a proposal of two new vacation days during the March Madness tournament – Thursday, March 15 and Friday, March 16 creating the first 4-day weekend.

Already known as the least productive two days of the year, taking the first two days off during March Madness would help place a huge dent in the holiday shortage problem we have here in the US. Most Americans work more with longer hours and fewer vacation days than their European counterparts. Europeans enjoy at least 20 days of paid vacation, 5 – 13 paid holidays, longer sick time, and family leave for mothers and fathers.

CEPR vacation research data indicates that the United States is the only advanced economy that does not guarantee workers paid vacations or holidays. As a result, 1 in 4 US workers do not receive any paid vacation or holidays. MARCHVEGAS wants to even the playing field by adding more vacation time here in the states and providing a solution to the vacation shortage.

“For starters, we all frequently travel to Las Vegas year round. We march there, we migrate there, we advance our forces there and we repeat this process year after year; that’s what MARCHVEGAS means, to march toward Vegas,” said Ellis Jordan, Brand Manager. “One of our goals is to direct that energy, that tendency to frequently go to Las Vegas, and meld it into an annual 4-day holiday for the masses commencing the first Thursday of the March Madness tournament.”

How can a 4-day weekend be pulled off? Similar to how other holidays have gained momentum. The strategy here is just to take these days off, use vacation time, or call in sick for the first two days of the March Madness tournament, and instead visit Las Vegas to see the games. If that’s not possible, get together at a sports bar with friends or colleagues to watch the Big Dance or even go shopping and have lunch with the girls.

“Productivity is already at an all-time low due to constant bracket monitoring so whatever you decide, just take the day off, pull the kids out of school, it’s your MARCHVEGAS Break; the new holiday roughly three weeks before Easter,” said Jordan.

The notion of advancing a holiday may seem preposterous at first, but when you consider how other official and unofficial holidays have been created, MARCHVEGAS sounds as good a reason as any for additional vacation time. Consider Black Friday, a holiday recently enjoyed by many. In this instance, people around the country have declared the day off after Thanksgiving not to rally behind a civil cause or any national demand, but merely because many other people are not working that day either so the masses have figured, “Why should we?” Now many corporations plan their holiday schedules with the inclusion of Black Friday, granting employees the choice of taking the day off with or without pay or completely shutting down altogether. MARCHVEGAS intends to simply replicate that process.

Since the birth of, Jordan says people understand the marriage of Las Vegas and March Madness. “The vision is that within ten years, this union produces a great American event, two extra days off for the year, and a 4-day holiday all during a time when productivity is at its lowest in this country.”

Want to use MARCHVEGAS as a path for more vacation days? Here’s how:

1. Support MARCHVEGAS by using the site next time you travel back to Las Vegas. Sometimes the flight and hotel prices are $5 - $10 more than the big guys, sometimes $5 - $10 less, but they are always competitive and fighting for additional vacation time on your behalf.

2. The first Thursday of March Madness begins March 15 and continues Friday, March 16 through the weekend so take those days off this year, it’s your MARCHVEGAS Break.

3. Help spread the word through Facebook, Twitter or sign up for the MARCHVEGAS newsletter. With over 300 million people in the USA, MARCHVEGAS will require some help to establish the 4-day holiday.

Founded in 2011, is a niche online travel site which focuses on trips to Las Vegas. Organized in the state of Nevada, the company has also created the first 4-day weekend starting the first Thursday of March Madness as the newest unofficial holiday, also named MARCHVEGAS.

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