Deed and Record ( Opens New Office in Irvine, California

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Company provides quit claim deeds for divorces, timeshares, trusts, changes in co-owners and gifting of real property interest. Deed and Record ( new office is at 18831Von Karman Avenue, Suite 270, Irvine, California 92612. Phone number is 949-474-0961.

Deed and Record ( has opened a new office in Irvine, California for real estate property transfers by quit claim deed. Quit claims transfer ownership without any warranties of title or declarations of debt. Title is conveyed “as is.”
Quit claim deeds are used for interspousal transfers, timeshares, to fund trusts, add or remove a co-owner and to gift real estate property. Deed and Record has the expertise to meet the unique requirements of the states of California and Hawaii.
Deed and Record is a complete service and includes:
1.    Title search to determine the precise legal description of the real property, including map, block and lot number
2.    Research to determine how title is held
3.    Prepare the quit claim deed for signature
4.    Prepare transfer tax exemption reports to keep the deed free of transfer tax and property tax
5.    File the deed with the County Recorder's Office for California real estate property.
6.    File the deed with the Bureau of Conveyances for Hawaii real estate property.

California maintains ownership records by county. Each County in California is responsible for knowing who owns each and every real estate property within the boundaries of that County. Quit claim deeds for real estate transfers are filed with the County Recorder’s office.
Transfers of real estate property for no value or consideration in California are generally exempt from transfer tax and property tax base increase. The grant deed needs on its face a reference to the California tax law that exempts the deed from a transfer tax. The Preliminary Change of Title Report provides information to establish why the transfer is exempt from an increase in the property tax base. Deed and Record provides the transfer tax exemption law reference and the Preliminary Change of Title Report.

Hawaii’s recording systems are complex. Documents are recorded either in the Land Court system, Regular system or both. When recorded in both land systems, documents are said to be recorded in the Double system. Deed and Record provides service to both the Land Court and the Regular System.

Real estate property ownership transfers for no value or consideration are generally exempt from transfer tax in Hawaii. The exemption must be requested on a document Form P-64B “Exemption from Conveyance Tax.” Deed and Record prepares both the deed and Form P-64B.
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One spouse is awarded real estate property pursuant to a court order from either a litigated judgment or marital settlement agreement. The process is not complete until actual title of ownership is changed in the public record by the non-owning ex-spouse transferring his or her interest to the owning spouse.
Transfer of ownership is by quit claim deed also known as an interspousal deed. To make the transfer a court order is needed. Often the actual transfer of ownership is overlooked or omitted from the judgment package. If the transfer deed has not been prepared at the time of judgment, it can be done any time after entry of judgment.
Deed and Record provides the documentation needed to complete the court order. Deed and Record files these documents with the appropriate government agency so the ownership change is on the public record.
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Deed and Record prepares documents to transfer real property into a living trust. Any real estate property not in the trust is at risk for probate. A trust may be prepared. But the deed transferring ownership into the trust is needed.
Transfers to living trusts are not a real change in ownership. The owner transfers title out as an individual to the same individual as trustee of the living trust of that individual. As both parties are the same, no real change in ownership has occurred. No escrow is needed and no warranties of valid title and outstanding debt are needed. A quit claim deed is the most economical way to fund a trust with real estate property.
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Upon the death of a joint tenant or tenant in the entirety, the deceased joint tenant’s interest ‘disappears’ and the survivor has sole ownership. The county recorder or Bureau of Conveyances must be notified of the death and the public records updated. This is done with an “affidavit death of joint tenant.” Deed and Record prepares and records the affidavit for signature and recording.
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Deed and Record provides quit claim deeds for timeshares. Quit claim deeds are needed to gift a timeshare, add or remove a joint tenant or tenant-in-the-entirety, remove a spouse and transfer the timeshare into a trust.
The internet has many options to sell timeshares, but has limited options to change ownership or title due to death, divorce, gifts or to fund a trust. is an independent and low cost service for changes of timeshare ownership and title.
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