Reroof America Management, The Parent Company of Reroof America Contractors Decribes Tips on Handling Complaints With A Total Customer Satisfaction Approach

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Reroof America Management, the parent company of Reroof America Contractors OK, Reroof America Corporation AZ, Reroof America LA, Reroof America IL, Reroof America MO, Reroof America MN, Reroof America CO, and Reroof America TX LLC outlines complaints… and expains that the ultimate success of a roofing company lies in how complaints are handled.

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The goal of Reroof America is turn any complaint into an opportunity for improvement and customer satisfaction

Reroof America strives for perfection and total customer satisfaction

Reroof America Management, the parent company of Reroof America Contractors understands that the complaint business is a billion dollar industry. Reroof America Contractors, who installs thousands of roof s every year, knows that properly handling customer complaints and concerns is a critical step in building a successful business. “Reroof America strives for perfection and total customer satisfaction, unfortunately sometimes we make mistakes; when this happens, our goal is to go above and beyond our customer's expectations in order to turn a complaint or a problem in to an opportunity for improvement, and customer satisfaction,” said Mark Lenzer, Vice President of Reroof America.

Reroof America Contractors lists some roofing complaints categories and how the situation can rectified creating a satisfied customers.

1.    Leak Complaints: Reroof America is in the business of overhead protection from the elements (a fancy way to say roofing), however, some roofs are very complicated, and as highly trained and skilled as our installers are, sometimes leaks happen (do not believe any roofer who tells you they never have had a leak).

  •     When Reroof America has a leak, the goal is to stop the leak immediately. Typically a repair person is sent out either that same day or the following day. Sometimes a water test to find the exact location of the leak is performed, but the goal to determine the location of the leak and fix it, the right way, the first time out.
  •     Like most contractors, Reroof America’s warranty protects consumers from leaks. In fact, if a leak is due to a mistake in workmanship, Reroof America takes care of any interior damage in conjunction with their warranty. Furthermore, when a leak does happen, they don’t just fix it, they complete a full re-inspection of the entire roof.

2.    Production Related Complaints: The construction process is noisy, dirty and sometimes causes interruptions in property owner’s daily ritual. Reroof America’s goal is to make this experience as hassle free as possible.

  •     “When a complaint arises about something during the construction process, 99% of the time it is due to poor communication between our Service Consultants and the property owner.” said Lenzer.
  •     The solution is usually to clarify the situation and if the crews or supervisor is at fault, Reroof America will correct the situation or replace the crew / supervisor. If it is another issue, such as noise, Reroof America will work with the homeowner to find the best alternative, with one goal in mind… a hassle free roofing experience.

3.    Contractual Complaints: Contractual Complaints are when there is a dispute over what work is to be done on an individual job. Reroof America puts all work in writing in a “scope of work” contract. If for some reason, we an item that was on a contract is missed, Reroof America always will either compensate the property owner or completes the work. Again, this complaint usually is a result of poor communication. “Homeowners should always make sure they get everything in writing.” said Lenzer. “I’ve heard too many stories of broken promises that would never have been an issue if it was in writing.” Lenzer continued.

4.    Sub Contractor Complaints: Most consumers never hear nor do they care (nor should they) about sub contractor complaints. In fact, Reroof America rarely has any issues with sub-contactors. Nevertheless, there is at least one disgruntled sub-contractor who has taken it upon himself to spread numerous falsehoods about Reroof America, but that should be of no concern to Reroof America customers.

  •     “Property owners have a contract with Reroof America, and should never worry about a rogue sub contractor” said Lenzer. He continued, “We pay our pre-screened sub contractors a pre-arranged amount on a weekly basis according to our sub contractor agreement… we have never not paid a sub contractor what they were owed, we could not have been in business for the past 33 years and complete thousands of roofs a year if we had.” Upon the completion of all work, and final payment it is Reroof America’s policy to issue a lien waiver upon the customer’s request.

Reroof America constantly strives for total customer satisfaction, and we truly believe that we are the property owner’s best and safest choice when it comes to selecting a contractor to work on their home. “As a truly professional organization, we know that there are many fly by night storm chasing contractors out there that are working out of the back of their truck. These contractors typically win business by being the cheap price leader. The problem is most of them are unlicensed, uninsured, and wont be around to handle any complaints or problems when they arise, and certainly can’t honor a warranty” Said Lenzer. Reroof America Contractors recommends consulting a professional roofing contractor for any roofing needs, as a cheap repair or replacement cost usually results in poor quality, leading to potential roofing disasters.

About Reroof America
Reroof America Management Corporation is owned and managed by J.R. Emrich, President. The company’s began in the roofing industry in 1979. J.R. Emrich and his companies operate debt free and utilize multiple suppliers in several states. Bonding capability is up to 4 million dollars. The Dun and Bradstreet credit rating for the company is 1R2 and the D&B # is 83-696-7372.

Reroof America is based out of Edmond, OK, having completed over 60,000 roofs in over 15 states over the past 33 years.

Reroof America’s primary business is residential roof replacement; however several locations have commercial divisions, window divisions and offer other residential construction solutions. Reroof America is fully licensed and insured in all states within which it operates, and is a member of NRCA, BBB and multiple local and regional associations.

For Information About Reroof America Contractors, Reroof America Corporation, Reroof America Management, or Metro Roofing, contact Mark Lenzer at: 405-330-5400 or mlenzer(at)reroofamerica(dot com) or follow reroofamerica on facebook or Google+.


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