Entrepreneur Announces Innovative New Cup Holder – Following Many Airport Frustrations

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LugCup is a drink cup holder that attaches to carry-on luggage trolley handles along with other travel devices. It keeps your hands free yet your beverage close and convenient.

John Sparks, an Alabama-based entrepreneur, today announces a unique and multi-use cup holder. The LugCup (http://www.lugcup.com).

The idea for the LugCup came after John was sitting at the airport waiting to board his flight. Across the lounge he witnessed a lady pick up her myriad of bags, sling them over her shoulder and prepare to make a beeline for the plane. That was until she realized her drink was still on the floor where she'd left it.

A struggle ensued, as she contorted and twisted her body in all manner of positions in order to pick up the drink without her bags falling off her shoulder.

Being the savvy entrepreneur that John is – the idea hit him – to create a drink cup holder that can clasp onto the side of luggage. Hence, the LugCup was born.

After much research and development, John created his first prototype. The lightweight and unobtrusive holder can fit onto the side of any piece of luggage. It's quick to attach and remove, yet strong enough to hold even the biggest of lattes while waiting for the inevitably-late plane to arrive.

As John explains, this easy attach/remove mechanism began to give him ideas:

“I'll admit, the LugCup was originally designed just for airport luggage. However, a short while into the testing process my wife grabbed one and fixed it onto our stroller so she could store her drink while taking the baby to the park. The next thing I know, I've put one onto my bicycle to keep me energized while cycling. Can you see where this is leading to?” asks john.

After challenging friends, family and customers to find something that it won't attach to, the LugCup continued to win, each and every time. John is now firmly confident that the product answers the much-needed call for a cup holder that travels with its owner – rather than relying on unstable services and airport terminal floors to keep a drink within easy reach.

Consumers love it, including Kenya from South Carolina:

"I like to ride my bike through the beautiful parks here in Charleston, South Carolina but always got cottonmouth about half way through my ride. Now I don't thanks to the LugCup. I attached it to the handlebars of my cruiser and never looked back” she says.

“We keep finding new uses for it every day – and the options are limitless”, explains John. He continues: “at the end of the day, it may just be a cup holder – but everyone we speak to gets excited by the unlimited uses it offers, and they're selling faster that the coffees they hold!”, he says with understandable pride.

About Lug Cup

Devised and developed by John Sparks, the LugCup is a unique attachable/removable cup holder that can literally go anywhere. With the idea thought of after watching an unfortunate airport struggle – John invested his time and money into research, development and testing. The result is a cup holder that is universally convenient, portable and popular.

The LugCup is currently available for sale online at http://www.Lugcup.com for $22.95. Join the Lugcup "Beverage Buzz" to learn more, win a free LugCup or ask us any questions anytime at http://www.facebook.com/pages/LugCupcom-Cup-Holder/202274653161919, or follow us on twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/LugCup.


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