Soma Games Announces Wind Up Robots

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New Tower Defense Game Casts Robots as Heroes vs. Monsters

Soma Games, the creators of the award–winning puzzle game, G: Into the Rain, today unleashed Wind Up Robots, a new strategy game that casts players as captain of a team of robots in the defense against imaginary monsters that haunt young Zach Mortimer’s dreams. Wind Up Robots is available for download for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from Apple Store; for Windows computers from Intel AppUp; it’s on the new Kindle Fire from Amazon and is also available on the Nook app store and the Android Market.

The game, which features beautiful, hand-painted illustrations, tells the story of Zach Mortimer, a seven year old boy who relies on his Granddad while his father is fighting the war as part of the National Guard. The game opens with Zach and Grandad talking at bedtime, during which Zach timidly admits his fear of the dark due to monsters that often haunt his dreams. Granddad gives Zach a collection of friendly robots — each with its own unique personality and special power— to protect Zach while he sleeps. Players take control of and lead the team of robots to defend against the imaginary monsters and protect childhood dreams.

First previewed in July at the Christian Game Developers Conference, Wind Up Robots is an example of a new generation of high quality, visually stimulating and mentally challenging games that offer an alternative to the current world of gaming. Gameplay is filled with moves and decisions that bring light-hearted yet deliberate and meaningful awareness to social and emotional issues like bullying, self-confidence and making choices based on the Golden Rule that says “treat others as you would like others to treat yourself.”

“Soma Games is dedicated to providing quality games with meaning and purpose. Wind Up Robots is an example of not only providing a highly entertaining environment of gameplay, but ultimately, the underlying theme is about self-discovery and gaining confidence,” said Chris Skaggs, Founder and CTO of Soma Games. “We know how influential games are in today’s society and giving people games that are fun to play, while also providing validation and support is what motivates us here at Soma to make these types of games.”

Wind Up Robots features seven playful characters based on favorite robots and their adventures from our childhoods like Voltron, Mechagodzilla and the Transformers. Pitted against the robots are twelve unique villains based on fictional B-movie monsters, dinosaurs, and aliens, all rampaging across 28 levels and 5 animated cut-scenes.

Wind Up Robots is a prequel to That Giant Robot Game, another robot game currently in development by Soma that features a now adult Professor Mortimer, the brilliant engineer turned entrepreneur turned global protector and his adventures to protect the Earth against a mysterious rash of giant, city-smashing monsters. More details on That Giant Robot Game are coming soon.

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About Soma Games
Soma Games creates games from a wide range of genres on PC, online and mobile platforms, including G: Into the Rain, that was awarded the ‘Best iPhone Game' Award at CGDC in 2009 and the soon to be released F: The Storm Riders. Both are the first two installments of a series of future game releases called Arc. Soma Games is the Christian gaming label of Code-Monkeys, an Application and Web Development company that has been delivering award winning solutions to companies like Intel, Fandango, Mashable, etc. for more than a dozen years.


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