Dedicates New Website Section Answering the Question 2.24 Million People are Asking - What is an IRA?

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FSI today announced a new section dedicated to providing multiple answers to the question - What is an IRA? The new section will be available to the more than 2 million people asking the question.

IRA in real estate

Richard Geller CEO and managing director of Financial Success Institute

We need to expand on What is an IRA to include information about the self directed 401K.

Richard Geller, CEO and managing director of, announced today, "The Institute is always interested in questions potential investors are asking. It was a bit of a surprise that 2.24 million people enter a search each month for one particular question. What is an IRA? The question has many answers. For that reason, the Institute is dedicating a new section on the website to the answers. The new section is titled - What is an IRA?"

Geller goes on, "What is an IRA? The traditional IRA is the most common answer. However, there are also Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, real estate IRAs, and Self Directed IRAs. The new website section will provide detailed information about each one. The Institute intends to be the premier website for the 2.4 million people wanting answers to the question - what is an IRA?"

Geller emphasizes, "At, we know few people are aware of the self directed IRA. It's much more flexible than other IRAs. The Institute has already published the first article - What is an IRA? The article provides readers with alternative investing information available only with the self directed IRA."

Geller points out, "There are many other aspects when answering the question - what is an IRA? An important one is the ability to defer taxes. Investors divert taxes into the IRA where they compound into a wealthy nest egg for retirement. The tax savings are three fold. IRA investors pay fewer taxes during their working years by reducing taxable income. Second is they may even fall into a lower tax bracket by deferring taxes with an IRA. Third, once retired, many people are in a lower tax bracket paying less taxes when they withdraw an income from the IRA. The Institute's new section - What is an IRA? - will address all of these issues."

Geller continues, "The Roth IRA is a special case. Taxes have to be paid first on Roth IRA contributions. However, the interest and earnings are tax-free when distributions begin after retirement. Also, because taxes have been paid, the contributions can be withdrawn without penalty before retirement."

Geller concludes, "It will take several days and weeks to fully answer the question - what is an IRA? However, this is central to the Institute's mission. When investors begin digging into the details, it becomes a more complex question than it appears at first glance. That is likely why over 2 million people are looking for answers. Readers will find answers to their question by following the link FinancialSuccessInstitute/ to the new section."

About The institute is devoted to educating readers and subscribes about investing alternatives and protecting wealth once achieved. The new section - What is an IRA? - is among a large selection of resources available to subscribers. Other information readers can access includes investing in real estate, debt settlement, legally minimizing taxes, super trusts, and asset protection.    

Disclaimer: Information here and at is not legal or professional advice regarding the question - What is an IRA? Nor is it legal advice about any other retirement account activity. It's intended only as general information sharing. Seek professional assistance regarding your specific circumstances and applicable laws before taking any retirement account action.


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