Pingar Helps LegiNation Automatically Track and Analyze Hundreds of Thousands of Unstructured Government Documents

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The Pingar API provides a quick, scalable solution to automatically extract and apply content-specific metadata for improved enterprise level search and content management

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I'm so relieved we found Pingar. The alternatives wouldn't work. Pingar is able to come up with contextual keywords to create a fine sieve to make the data useful and able to be analyzed. There was no other way to do that.

Pingar, a leading provider of unstructured data management solutions, today announced that LegiNation is using the Pingar API to make legislative information more available and able to be analyzed for better voting decisions by the public and special interest groups. Several hundred thousand bills are introduced each legislative session and move through multiple review stages where new iterations of the documents are produced. Tracking this multitude of large, changing documents and identifying which documents include information important for decisions on a particular subject is an onerous if not impossible manual task. By automatically extracting and applying content-specific metadata using the Pingar API, LegiNation helps stakeholders to find, access and track information that impacts their region, personal or business interests and rights.

Karen Suhaka, founder and president of LegiNation says the hard part is processing what bills are published and turning that information into structured data. It was difficult to find an enterprise level search solution that could scale but did not rely on a time consuming full text search.

"I'm so relieved we found Pingar. The alternatives wouldn't work. Pingar is able to come up with contextual keywords to create a fine sieve to make the data useful and able to be analyzed. There was no other way to do that," Ms. Suhaka says. "Using the Pingar API, we were able to create the application we needed and get it up and running in a few hours."

Each night, new bills and amendments from that day are scraped from websites across the nation. To structure the data in a way that allows subjects to be tracked, the data is run through the Pingar API and content-specific keywords are automatically added into the metadata of the documents in a SQL Server 2008 database. A keyword table is also created to serve as a basis for topic trending analysis and data visualizations.

Peter Wren-Hilton, CEO of Pingar says the solution’s pricing model and ability to work with any system or file type make it a popular platform for managing large amounts of unstructured data.

“Enterprise sized content management projects are increasingly aimed at managing and adding value to Big Data. With multiple systems and types of data involved, and potentially petabytes of data to be analyzed, businesses need solutions that make both technical and financial sense. Adding an API to an existing system provides a faster, more cost effective route to achieving business goals than installing and testing a whole new application,” Mr. Wren-Hilton continues.

Ms. Suhaka also notes the free developer’s sandbox account was an essential part of the decision making process.

"Pingar was unbelievably easy to use. It required hardly any coding and no new hardware. Delivering a free sandbox version is just fantastic. We were able to ensure that Pingar's API could deliver the results we need and know we could achieve our goals before we made any investment," she concludes.

About LegiNation
LegiNation, Inc. was founded with the goal of making state level legislation more readily available to the professionals who need it, and even more importantly to the public at large. LegiNation builds products and websites to spark a renaissance in American politics, leveraging the internet to create the dialog so desperately needed amongst our elected officials, legislative professionals, and everyday citizens.

LegiNation offers two primary products: BillTrack50, , to serve people with a financial or other interest in legislation; and Chatterslate, , which will be a social venue designed to encourage discussion, collaboration and community built around issues people are passionate about.

About the Pingar API
The Pingar API works seamlessly with existing enterprise content management systems and increases the power and usefulness of your enterprise information. Pingar’s process is intuitive and yields more contextually relevant results and tools to extract information and transform that information into intelligence. The decision to release Pingar’s base technology as 18 core API components has resulted in significant market traction and is providing major opportunities for future growth across multiple domains. To access the API please see

About Pingar
Pingar’s mission is to transform unstructured data in the enterprise into business intelligence by developing technology that harnesses the power of text mining and natural language processing. This mission came from years of ground-breaking research at some of the most respected universities in these fields. Pingar is headquartered in New Zealand with offices in Hong Kong, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. For more information please see


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