Tips For Making The Most of Your Chicago Gym Experience

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Weight loss and fitness success is more than just buying a Chicago gym membership, although that is a good start. Chicago Personal Trainer Craig Kastning shares his advice on making the most of your time at the gym. He is also offering a free two-week trial of his effective fitness boot camp program.

For local residents embarking upon a weight loss journey, a Chicago personal trainer gym membership is the first step toward progress. Undoubtedly, many of you have bought everything from shake-weights to Tae Bo DVDs. You may be embarrassed to admit you paid hundreds of dollars for P90x or a crazy gadget you never really learned how to use – that is currently lurking underneath the bed, never to be mentioned again.

Step 1: Think Positive.

“I hope you asked Santa for a new mentality this Christmas,” says Chicago Personal Trainer Craig Kastning, “because you’re going to need it if you want to train with me!” He explains that starting a Chicago gym membership is very much like starting a new relationship. “You need to leave all that baggage behind. Maybe your last gym membership really sucked, maybe you have dreams that you’re 130 pounds or the star high school athlete, maybe you blame your kids for your weight gain, or maybe you’re an emotional eater. Leave all that behind and start fresh.”

Step 2: Visualize Change.

He says that his most successful clients have reached their wit’s end with their weight and health, but are ready to focus and give it their all. He begins by helping them decide upon a reasonable goal of what they want to attain from attending their Chicago gym. “For some people, it’s ‘I want to lose 20 or 50 pounds.’ For others, it’s ‘I want to get down to 10 percent body fat and see my abs.’ I have people who want to pack on 10 pounds of lean muscle mass to look svelte. I have other people who want to improve their heart health, lower their cholesterol, and get their blood pressure numbers to a reasonable level.”

Step 3: Eat Wisely.

“The biggest mistake some of my clients make is that they feel they are ‘entitled’ to that chocolate bar because they ‘had such a good workout.’ They think it doesn’t matter if they gorge themselves on pizza one day a week because they come to my class three times a week. The truth is, one piece of pizza is not bad. A mini dark chocolate bar is fine. The problem is using food as a reward. The problem is throwing portions by the wayside. The problem is that it’s all too easy to self-sabotage and fall off the wagon. Weight loss starts in the kitchen and you’ve got to be committed 24/7 if you want to see the results we’ve talked about.”

At his Chicago gym, Craig Kastning spends time counseling new members about their nutritional strengths and weaknesses. He says that people need to look at when and where they eat, how they shop for groceries, how much time they have to prepare food, and what types of foods they crave. In addition to receiving nutrition counseling and customized meal plans, each new member is set up on a regular exercise schedule for an hour-long group class three days a week. If the program is followed, members can expect to lose 25 - 40 pounds in the first three months.


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