Effective Chino Hills Weight Loss Program Far Exceeds The Competition

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Sick of Chino Hills weight loss programs that are all hype and no substance? We are too! Here at The Camp Boot Camp, we guarantee results in 30 days. In fact, most people lose 8-10 pounds during that time! Stop putting off your slimmer, sexier body.

Boot camp weight loss programs are a dime a dozen these days. A couple years back, it was widely publicized that boot camp operators were making tons of cash on their new programs, which combined cardio interval training, metabolic resistance training, and core conditioning. Once the profitability was discovered, big box gyms and every person with any kind of background in fitness (certified or not) opened a boot camp weight loss facility. So how can local residents find an effective Chino Hills boot camp program, amid all the duds?

“Unfortunately, for every one good boot camp, there are ten that completely suck,” admits The Camp Boot Camp owner Sam Bakhtiar. “Everyone likes to say they’re different, but the customer really needs to look deeper than the surface-level advertising. The first thing I always tell people to look for is education. Knowledge sets apart the professionals from the money-grubbers. At The Camp Boot Camp, we only employ certified personal trainers, certified nutritionists, and people with college degrees. I myself have a doctorate of Chiropractic and bachelor’s in pre-med and nutrition. We all committed to ongoing education and make time to read every day.”

The second criterion Sam Bakhtiar recommends looking at is customer service. “I know the first name of every person who walks into our Chino Hills personal trainer program. I meet with each new member personally, I send them emails, and I occasionally call them to keep in touch. We are very invested in each person’s success and we hold our clients accountable. We celebrate milestones joyously, but you can also expect a call for me if you try to stray from the pack. Your success is our success, and we’re not letting you off the hook that easily!”

Thirdly, Sam says Chino Hills residents need to look at the results the studios are putting out. “Everyone has testimonials and glowing praise on their websites, but the best way to know for sure is to test-drive the program with a risk-free trial. That way you meet people who are working on their transformations and you get a sense of what you can realistically expect.” The champion bodybuilder and certified personal trainer adds that any Chino Hills weight loss program that promises to help people lose “five pounds of fat a week” is lying.

“I’ve seen all kinds of crazy claims made by Chino Hills weight loss programs,” Sam explains. “I’m not sure how they can promise to help you lose five pounds a week, but I suspect there are supplements or dangerous low-calorie diets involved. The fact is that you shouldn’t lose much more than 1-2 pounds per week. Studies show that gradual weight loss leads to better weight management and allows you to keep off the pounds throughout the years, as opposed to this yo-yo-dieting where you’re down five pounds of water weight today, and up again tomorrow.”


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