Chino Hills Fitness Trainer Offers Advice for Losing Weight in the New Year

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Sam Bakhtiar is a Chino Hills fitness trainer with over 20 years of experience in weight loss, bodybuilding and nutrition. He would like to offer a few tips for meeting those weight loss New Year’s resolutions this year. He also wants to let local residents know The Camp Boot Camp is offering a free week of classes for all new members

According to the annual FranklinCovey Co. New Year’s Resolutions Survey, the most popular goals for 2012 are: (1) To become more physically fit; (2) To improve one’s financial condition; (3) To improve health, and (4) To lose weight. Chino Hills Fitness Trainer Sam Bakhtiar runs the highest-grossing local boot camp and would like to offer his tips for losing weight (and keeping it off) in the New Year.

1.    Weight loss starts in the kitchen.
Sam Says: “Diet is everything. If you’re serious about losing weight in 2012, you need to target the two or more inches of flab covering up your rock-solid abs. I plan out every meal I eat – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – so I’m less tempted to grab a Big Mac when there’s no food in the house or when a craving strikes me.”

2.    Don’t let genetics get you down.
Sam Says: “Look, I have the worst possible body type there is – a slim ectomorph upper, a muscular mesomorph lower, with a little bit of pot-belly endomorph in the middle. I wasn’t born with a genetic predisposition to bodybuilding by any stretch of the imagination, but through hard work, I achieved the look I wanted. So can you!”

3.    Focus on lean protein.
Sam Says: “A few subtle changes can do a lot for your diet. Instead of eating hearty meatloaves and pork chops for dinner, switch to lean protein sources like fish, skinless chicken, turkey, cottage cheese, egg whites, and tofu. You can even have a nice lean steak every now and then too.”

4.    Eat carbs, but make sure they’re low on the Glycemic Index.
Sam Says: “Many diets have made carbohydrates into the villain, but I eat carbs every day because many carbs possess nutrients that are essential for fat metabolism and weight loss. Remember, fruits like raspberries, blackberries and apples are carbs. Brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta are all okay in moderation.    

5.    Workout for an hour at least three times a week.
Sam Says: “Exercise is the other half of the equation. Some people think working out ‘when they have time’ is better than nothing. Other people think if they run on the treadmill or elliptical machine for an hour all week long, they’ll automatically lose weight. This often works at first, but then they hit a plateau. What you need is a consistent training program that combines metabolic resistance training, interval training and cardio. That is precisely what my Chino Hills Weight Loss program entails, so stop by and see me! I’d love to help you realize your goals in 2012.”

Sam Bakhtiar’s Chino Hills fitness program runs for an hour, three days a week, with flexible schedules from 5 to 10 AM and 4 to 7 PM, as well as two Saturday morning classes. New members receive a free nutrition and goal setting meeting with a personal trainer. The workouts follow a boot camp style format, with obstacle courses, lunges, squats, push-ups, and other dynamic sets of easy-to-follow exercises.

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