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An 11 year old child was able to alleviate his excessive bedwetting after his desperate family developed a creative idea called The Wake Up Charm Alarm. The Church family has recently partnered with to help other families, children, and adults struggling with bedwetting inexpensively get The Wake Up Charm Alarm, for less than $15.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Simon Foundation for Continence, 5 to 7 million children and about 26 million adults in the United States suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis, commonly referred to as bedwetting. Many of these children and adults suffering with bedwetting problems experience terrible embarrassment, extreme frustration, and serious self esteem issues. Individuals affected by Chronic self esteem issues can feel a sense of worthlessness, become paralyzed by a fear of rejection, under achieve in life goals, and sadly in the worse cases, some have committed suicide.

When 36 yr old single mom Nerissa Gordon passed away after a grueling bout with colon Cancer; Nerissa’s sister Carla and husband Mike Church, embraced the daunting task of raising Nerissa’s four children, along with their own three children. This transition was overwhelming for many of the children but for one child in particular it was especially difficult. For the purpose of anonymity we’ll call this child Mathew. Mathew already struggled with bedwetting, but as the two families transitioned to unite as one, his bedwetting rapidly became excessive.    

Doctors had no answers and other bedwetting products were either too expensive or ineffective. Wearing kid diapers was an option, but ultimately it was too embarrassing for Mathew. Mathew’s Uncle Mike sincerely empathized with Mathew’s bedwetting condition because as a child he too experienced the same bedwetting problem.

After multiple trials and errors, the only effective solution was setting an alarm to wake Mathew up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom; however, this created a new problem. Since Mathew was sharing a room with other children, the alarm would awaken these children as well during school nights, and some of them couldn’t fall back asleep.

It was quickly realized that although the idea worked, it had to be revamped. The solution needed to awaken only Mathew, and not the other children. After doing extensive research Mike found a company to design a safe alarm that would fit comfortably on any ear, and affordable enough for the family’s budget. Hence The Wake Up Charm Alarm was born.

It’s similar to an iPod listening ear phone with the safety of a hearing aid. It has a built in alarm that can be set for a pre-scheduled time to awaken Mathew. This helped start the habit forming training process to help awaken Mathew at a specific time every night or every few hours to use the bathroom before wetting the bed. Most importantly it won’t wake up anyone else, except the person using it.

The Wake Up Charm Alarm worked well for Mathew the very first night. The next morning Mathew rushed into Mike and Carla’s bedroom and shouted, “It worked! It really worked! The alarm woke me up in the middle of the night. I got up, used the bathroom, and this morning, I woke up dry!”

Since then Mathew has done extremely well. Once or twice a month Mathew has an occasional bedwetting accident. This is much better than the 25 to 30 times a month he used to wet the bed.

The Church family has recently partnered with to help other families inexpensively alleviate their bedwetting problems with The Wake Up Charm Alarm. The Wake Up Charm Alarm is exclusively available for less than $15 on and the Church family’s free help resource website. For more detailed information please visit

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