Heavenly Reward or Literal Kingdom - Humanity's Future from a Biblical View to Be Explored in Global Bible Seminars Conducted by United Church of God

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What does the Bible say is humanity's eternal reward? Surprisingly, it is not an eternity in heaven. The United Church of God will explore the critical answer to this question in January seminars.

Kingdom of God Bible Seminars, United Church of God, Beyod Today television program, Good News magazine

More than 100 Kingdom of God Bible seminars, sponsored by the Beyond Today TV program and the Good News magazine, will take place nationwide in January

From the beginning, the Kingdom of God was the focus of Christ’s own ministry... yet we rarely hear it explained today.

Is a literal divine Kingdom ruled by a living Jesus Christ in humanity’s future? Presented by the United Church of God, a new series of public presentations will explore this critical biblical topic on January 21 in numerous places across the United States and abroad.

As noted by a number of biblical scholars, the eternal reward for Christians that is revealed in the Bible is not a new life in a distant heaven, but a reward where those in Christ will be resurrected into a literal Kingdom of God.

“In the first century the Apostles, particularly as recorded in the 15th chapter of the Apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, taught and spoke at length about a coming Kingdom of God and how all people would be given a chance to be part of this Kingdom,” said Dennis Luker, president of the United Church of God, an International Association. “Some people are surprised to find out that the biblical record – in both the Old and particularly in the New Testament – focuses intently on a transformed earth featuring a global government led directly by Christ.”

“This teaching by the early Apostles directly reflects how Jesus powerfully taught the Kingdom’s importance for His followers,” he continued. “The United Church of God understands from the Bible that what Jesus taught concerning this literal Kingdom should have direct interest to all living on the earth today,” he continued.

To help people understand the vital and personal significance of this Kingdom taught by Jesus Christ, the United Church of God is hosting a second series of special presentations across the United States and other countries in January 2012. More than 100 presentations took place across America in the original series presented in 2011. As was done in the first series, the meetings explaining the critical nature of the Kingdom of God and its personal meaning will be conducted free of charge.

“From the beginning, the Kingdom of God was the focus of Christ’s own ministry,” Mr. Luker continued. “As recorded in the book of Mark in the New Testament, the Bible declares: 'Jesus came to Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel' (Mark 1:14-15). We see multiple dozens of references to this gospel – the ‘good news’ – of the Kingdom of God in the teachings of Jesus, yet we rarely hear it explained today.”

The Church’s president noted that these continuing presentations represent the first time that the United Church of God will make this broad type of simultaneous outreach to the public through its ministry. “We produce the Beyond Today television program, which airs Sunday mornings on WGN-TV and other television stations, but this is the first time we have done something of this nature on this scale,” he said. “We are excited about the Kingdom of God and it is an equally exciting moment for us to bring this knowledge to the public in this way.”

A special Web site – http://www.kogseminars.org – contains additional information about the January 2012 presentations.

“Anyone who is interested in learning more about what Jesus and the Bible teach about the Kingdom of God and how critically relevant that is to daily life is welcome to attend,” said Mr. Luker. “No one will be asked to join a church or religious organization, nor will there be any attempts to collect money or fund-raise – we in the Church simply want to make this critically important information available to all.”

The special Kingdom of God Bible Seminars will include biblical information on how to form a direct, close, practical and loving relationship with both God the Father and Jesus Christ. This direct relationship will improve an individual’s life and add depth and meaning in an important way.

“The Kingdom of God – the core outcome of the Gospel as taught by Jesus – represents the central story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation,” said Mr. Luker. “We hope that many will take advantage of this free opportunity to learn more without any obligation and commitment to join anything.”

Numerous locations across the globe will host these free Kingdom of God seminars, and more information about times and locations can be found at http://www.kogseminars.org. Those interested in attending can register online at this site.

About the United Church of God, an international association Basing its beliefs on the biblical practices of the original 1st Century Church, the United Church of God maintains congregations in more than 40 countries around the world. Following the recorded example of Jesus Christ and the first apostles, the Church observes the seventh day Sabbath and the annual Holy Day seasons as outlined in the Old and New Testaments. The main offices of the Church are located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Church produces the Beyond Today television program and publishes the Good News magazine. For more information about the Church and its activities, please visit http://www.ucg.org.

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