eScholar Changes Use of Data In Education with Introduction of Collaborative Student-Centric Goal Planning Solution

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eScholar myTrack™ harnesses the educational results of students into actionable insights to set, monitor and measure individual and group educational goals

eScholar myTrack is allowing us to use the data typically focused on reporting and tracking results at the administrator level, to create personalized education plans at the student level.

eScholar, a leader in driving the application of research and data to individualize education and personal achievement, today announced eScholar myTrack™, a student-centric solution that facilitates collaborative goal planning. Focused on the needs of the student, eScholar myTrack efficiently personalizes education by providing a group platform from which administrators, teachers and support staff are presented with an individualized and a holistic view of a student’s progress across an entire education lifecycle. Users gain a better understanding of the student, their unique needs, deficiencies, and possible areas of improvement based on current and historical information. Available immediately, eScholar myTrack realigns today’s education process to focus on the student to help them achieve their specific, unique goals.

eScholar myTrack was built as a collaborative goal planning solution focused on empowering each student. By leveraging the data and insights driven by the industry’s most robust longitudinal data warehouse, eScholar myTrack monitors progress and enables the educational team to support the student’s overall success. Introduced in multiple phases, eScholar myTrack today supports the emerging initiatives that focus on individual student goals, including: Response to Intervention (RTI), Personalized Education Planning (PEP), Differentiated Education Planning (DEP), as well as Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS). In turn, as the solution is adopted more broadly, eScholar myTrack will support all levels of educators and students with actionable insights, including;

  •     Engaging students in the goal setting process throughout school and into early career.
  •     Supporting students with access to their own educational goals, created with help from their teacher and staff.
  •     Providing both students and staff with the ability to measure and monitor progress, and follow defined pathways of effective strategies and/or interventions.
  •     Identification of at-risk students early, identifying effective interventions linked to state standards and objectives, and monitoring and measuring progress.
  •     Enabling administrators to identify and monitor interventions and effective strategies that can be deployed as best practices.

North Carolina’s Cumberland County School District is at the forefront of focusing the power of data on the needs of individual students with its myTrack deployment. An existing eScholar customer, Cumberland played a major role in the design and development of myTrack and was the first to pilot the solution. “eScholar myTrack is allowing us to use the data typically focused on reporting and tracking results at the administrator level, to create personalized education plans at the student level,” said Ruben Reyes, executive director, Exceptional Children’s Services at Cumberland County School District. “By using data as a part of a systemic process, we can better identify strategies that work.”

The education market’s maturity and appetite for data-driven decisions is accelerating at a rampant pace because using data actually works to improve education. Using data to drive educational processes is reflected in the education market deploying personalized education for use with a broader student body. Federal and state money is starting to drive these initiatives and eScholar’s complete solution positions it well ahead of the market. Applicable today within PK-12, eScholar myTrack’s introduction is becoming a catalyst for systemic change within education.

“The introduction and delivery of eScholar myTrack makes it possible to help individual students efficiently and on a large scale. By supporting students who are falling behind or identified as at risk, as well as those students who are excelling, we can help everyone achieve their best,” said Shawn Bay, CEO and founder of eScholar. “eScholar recognizes that the closer teachers, administrators and parents can get to the student, the more success can be achieved. eScholar myTrack’s ability to combine data with goal setting delivers insights that improve individual education outcomes.”

About eScholar
eScholar is the nation's leading innovator in the application of billions of individual education data points to the needs and goals of each person. eScholar customers are realizing significant improvements in their ability to meet mandated reporting requirements but more importantly in their ability to improve pre-K through postsecondary student achievement. eScholar delivers an entire suite of award winning data warehouse, student and staff-ID management and collaborative goal planning solutions. Relied on by 13 state education agencies and over 4,800 districts across the country, eScholar products transform the way educators use data. For more information about eScholar, visit or call 877-328-2969.


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