Keeping 2012 Sobriety Resolutions: Journey Healing Centers Raises Pain Pill Priority

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In mid-January when many start giving up new years resolutions, Journey Healing Centers (drug and alcohol treatment centers) raises worldwide awareness of the urgent need to keep sobriety resolutions and stop the Pain Pill Pharmageddon in 2012 that is now fueling the number one addiction. For the first time in 100 years, prescription drugs are now killing more people than car accidents in the U.S., according to a December 2011 report released by the National Center for Health Statistics. Deaths by painkillers are now higher than deaths by cocaine (5,100) and heroin (3,000) combined; and often involve mixing pain pills with other prescription drugs such as Klonopin, Xanax, and Valium.

In sync with the Duchess of Cambridge’s (formerly Kate Middleton) announcement that she will become a patron of the British charity Action on Addiction, Journey Healing Centers ( raises awareness to make sobriety resolutions and prescription drug abuse education worldwide priorities in 2012. While many think alcohol and illicit drugs are the most prevalent addictions, the biggest causes of death are actually opiate-based pain relievers such as Vicodin (hydrocodone), OxyContin, Percocet (oxycodone), codeine, and morphine. What’s even more alarming for 2012 is that a new super-painpiller, Zohydro, is on the verge of approval and could trigger the worst pill-popping plague since Oxycontin. Journey Healing Centers often works with clients to wean them off prescription drug addictions that they assumed were safely prescribed by a doctor.

While many have the best intentions to get sober in the new year, Journey Healing Centers is urging families to help loved to keep their goals to stop drinking, using illicit drugs, and especially stop abusing prescription drugs. Aubrey Barrow, Journey Healing Centers explains, “Every year our call volume increases about 2 weeks after the New Year with family members asking how to get their loved ones into treatment. It takes about that time for family members and the individual to realize that even though they made the resolution to stop using drugs, they are unable to do so on their own. We always explain to the family how there is usually much more going on with addiction than free will. The more positive support from family members, the better chance of success with sobriety."

At a time when the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is calling Oxycontin an “epidemic” and the dangerous pain killer Zohydro is on the brink of approval, it’s even more important to assist loved ones in keeping resolutions to stop using pain pills now versus later. For the best results assisting loved ones with sobriety resolutions, Journey Healing Centers recommends three steps:
1. Be a Supportive Sponsor who sets Boundaries - Love is a much better starting point for change versus an ambush of anger with people fighting addictions. Supportive Sponsors can motivate someone to stop drinking or abusing much faster.
2. Take Family Action to Reinforce Resolution - It can take a team to get someone sober and break a bad habit long-term. And all it takes to get started is a caring conversation to reinforce your support. Tell the addict how much you believe in them and their sobriety. Be involved in their treatment, family members deserve to heal too.
3. Find a Lifetime Treatment Program to Avoid Relapses - Prevent dangerous relapses by looking for lifetime treatment programs. Journey Healing Centers offers free Aftercare for life, and families can also attend family programming in Aftercare to support their loved one's sobriety. This extra professional support is a success key for long-term sobriety, along with other alumni activities.

While families can feel overwhelmed assisting loved ones fight addictions, reducing pain pill addictions must be a top priority for 2012. According to a recent study by the National Center for Health Statistics, enough prescription painkillers were sold in the US in 2010 to keep every citizen medicated around the clock for an entire month. Approximately 41,000 Americans died from what the report refers to as "poisonings" in 2008, compared with 38,000 traffic deaths, representing a 90 percent increase in poisonings and a 15 percent decrease in car accidents since 1999.

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