Petroleum Industry Researchers Drill Deep to Push Production

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New Books from Elsevier’s Gulf Professional Publishing Advance Recent Findings

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Managed Pressure Drilling by Wilson C. Chin

Gulf Professional Publishing, an imprint of Elsevier Science & Technology Books, drills deeper into related research to provide up-to-the-minute research for those in the petroleum industry.

A new study in the December 2011 issue of the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering confirmed that the single-phase oil/water flow in ultra-low permeability cores is not consistent with Darcy's Law. Gulf Professional Publishing, an imprint of Elsevier Science & Technology Books, drills deeper into related research to provide up-to-the-minute research for those in the petroleum industry.

Managed Pressure Drilling by Wilson C. Chin provides book provides a step by step methods for understanding and solve problems involving variables such as backpressure, variable fluid density, fluid rheology, circulating friction, hole geometry and drillstring diameter. All MPD variations are covered, including Constant Bottomhole Pressure, Pressurized MudCap Drilling and Dual Gradient Drilling. Case histories from actual projects are designed and analyzed using proprietary simulation software online.

Petrophysics, 3rd Edition by Djebbar Tiab and Erle C. Donaldson. This new edition includes updated case studies, examples and experiments as well as a new chapter on modeling and simulations. It also includes recent advances in wireline logging interpretation methods, effective media models, inversion of resistivity log measurements, dipole acoustic shear and Stoneley wave techniques, Biot-Gassmann models and MRI.

Advanced Reservoir Management and Engineering, 2nd Edition by Tarek Ahmed and Nathan Meehan. Authoritative in its approach, the book begins with the theory and practice of transient flow analysis and offers a brief but thorough hands-on guide to gas and oil well testing. Chapter two documents water influx models and their practical applications in conducting comprehensive field studies, widely used throughout the industry. Essential topics such as Type-Curve Analysis, unconventional gas reservoirs, and gas hydrates are also covered. The book moves on to provide a clear exposition of key economic and financial management methods for evaluation criteria and cash flow analysis, analysis of fixed capital investments and advanced evaluation approaches.

Formulas and Calculations for Drilling Production and Workover, 3rd Edition by Norton J. Lapeyrouse, William C. Lyons, Ph.D., P.E. & Thomas Carter. All formulas and calculations are presented in easy-to-use, step-by-step order, virtually all the mathematics required out on the drilling rig is here in one convenient source, including formulas for pressure gradient, specific gravity, pump output, annular velocity, buoyancy factor, volume and stroke, slug weight, drill string design, cementing, depth of washout, bulk density of cuttings, and stuck pipe.


Petroleum Engineer’s Guide to Oil Field Chemicals and Fluids
By Johannes Fink
ISBN: 9780123838445
May 2011 | Softcover | 786 pp
139.95 USD | 100.00 EUR | 84.99 GBP

Petroleum Rock Mechanics
By Bernt Aadnøy & Mohammad Reza Looyeh
ISBN: 9780123855466
May 2011 | Softcover | 350 pp
99.95 USD | 71.95 EUR | 60.99 GBP

Pipeline Planning and Construction Field Manual
By Shashi Menon
ISBN: 9780123838674
May 2011 | Softcover | 960 pp
99.95 USD | 71.95 EUR | 60.99 GBP

Applied Drilling Circulation Systems
By Boyun Guo, PhD & Gefei Liu
ISBN: 9780123819574
Dec 2010 | Hardcover | 262 pp
89.95 USD | 64.95 EUR | 54.99 GBP

Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids, 6e
By Ryan Caenn
ISBN: 9780123838582
Aug 2011 | Hardcover | 720 pp
169.95 USD | 122.000 EUR | 103.00 GBP


Offshore Structure Design
By Mohamad El-Reedy
ISBN: 9780123854759
Jul 2012 | Hardcover | 688 pp
159.95 USD | 72.99 EUR | 97.00 GBP

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