Dr. Steven Rosenberg, Santa Monica Podiatrist, Reveals the 4 Most Important Foot Tips for 2012

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The feet are the most neglected part of the body. Dr. Steven L. Rosenberg, podiatrist, and CEO of Foot Products Enterprises Inc. emphasizes the importance of taking care of feet regardless of age.

Wishing and hoping is not the best form of treatment for feet

“The feet are the most neglected part of the body" When feet hurt, everything hurts. The triggers to foot pain are many, shoes, exercise, and structural problems just to name a few.

Do not ignore foot pain, as wishing and hoping are not the best forms of treatment.

Foot pain from exercising, wearing the wrong shoes, or just walking too much, requires aggressive treatment. Home care would consist of ice, over the counter anti-inflammatory medications; Advil or Aspirin, rest, elevation, wrapping if necessary, inspecting the shoes to make sure they fit properly, and there is adequate room for the toes to wiggle around in the toe box of the shoe. Make sure the shoe has proper arch support. Instant Arches®, an over the counter arch support, is an easy way to provide arch support for all types of shoes, fashion, athletic and dress.

Feet should be inspected regularly, it can make a difference in preventing infections.

Nail fungus starts off in a tiny area of the nail and can expand to the entire nail if not detected early. Check for cracks in the skin between each toe after showering. Ingrown toenails can develop without any warning due to cutting nails incorrectly or from tight shoes. Prevent ingrown toenails by cutting nails straight across and round the edge with a nail file. Cracks in heels are known as fissures and if not properly cared for cause pain standing and walking in shoes or sandals. Using moisturizing cream with urea will help eliminate those types of foot problems.

Select the right shoe and arch support for your feet.

Use sports specific shoes. Running shoes are for running, aerobic shoes are for aerobics, tennis shoes are for playing tennis and golf shoes are for playing golf. Wearing shoes that are not designed specifically for that sport leads to foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, arch spasms, heel spurs and tendinitis. Most athletic shoes do not have adequate arch support. Custom made orthotics made can be costly, too hard and too bulky for the shoes. Arch supports can be found on line or at sporting good stores like Instant Arches® will provide the necessary support feet need. It fits in all athletic shoes, golf and soccer, baseball, softball and football cleats.

Home remedies for feet can be dangerous if the ingredients are unknown.
Be careful when using over the counter home remedies because they might increase the problem. Always check the back of the package and read the ingredients and warnings.


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