John 3:16, Taxes & Liberty: Find New Resources Available At Absolute Rights

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Find the latest expert opinions on taxpayer issues and Washington, D.C. politics at Tea Party friendly Absolute Rights.

Absolute Rights
The reality is that the American taxpayer has been enslaved.

Paying income taxes has been the focus of most political debates over the last three years. A powerful new conservative information website "Absolute Rights" is helping people understand the issues. The website says that taxes are related to the issues of freedom, liberty and freedom of religion, including Christianity. The Absolute Rights website says that federal taxes are part of a group of issues that must be addressed as soon as possible to help the USA recover from the recession.

Christianity is still alive and well in the USA as evidenced by the term "John 3:16" being the #1 search term on Google this week. Yet the freedom to practice religion in America is under fire, according to the website.

"The reality is that the American taxpayer has been enslaved. He or she is no longer an independent individual," the website says, referring to taxpayer issues as they relate to freedom and liberty in America.

The USA recession has caused more people in America to question the government and ask who pays taxes, and how the money is distributed. "What do taxes pay for" is a common question and the response from Washington, D.C. is often obscure, complains groups like the Tea Party, conservative Republicans and Libertarians. These issues cause many Americans to ask "why pay taxes?" The new website Absolute Rights has informative articles about taxpayer issues, freedom and liberty in the USA and the best political news that is often hard to find online.

If you are wondering how the taxman gets his authority, look to Washington, D.C. where politicians work to enslave the taxpayer, according to the website. Many groups have formed to focus on the tax issues in the USA. The most famous of these is the Tea Party. What is the Tea Party? Yes, it is related to the historical event by the same name in the sense that they view paying taxes as important political issues and in the current climate tax laws are viewed as a violation of civil liberties. The Tea Party acknowledges that Americans have no choice in paying taxes, and that the money is often wasted. The Tea Party movement discusses freedom in the USA, the tax act, federal taxes, income taxes, payroll taxes, state income tax and how to pay state taxes.

The Absolute Rights website has news and important information about taxpayer issues, issues affecting your freedom of religion and issues related to your survival in the USA.

To get the Absolute Rights free report "Is Obama Intentionally Killing America As We Know It?" that gives more information on the facts presented in this press release, go to

Absolute Rights

Absolute Rights is an association of expert publishers who are providing important up-to-date news and information about the latest developments in the war on liberty in the USA. The goal is to prepare and strengthen those who believe in the U.S. Constitution, liberty in America and Christian values.


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