biodesigns inc. Announces Licensees for New Prosthetic Socket Design to Improve Performance for Individuals with Limb Loss

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Three prosthetic and orthotic companies become licensed in the new HiFi socket design.

biodesigns inc., a company specializing in the most advanced upper and lower limb prosthetic systems, is pleased to announce that it has signed three licensees for their High-Fidelity (HiFi) Interface. The new licensees are Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc., Manchester, N.H.; Optimus Prosthetics, Dayton, Ohio; and Sampson’s Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory, Schenectady, N.Y.

“We wanted to license our revolutionary socket design to a select group of prosthetic companies throughout the country that shared our same clinical expertise, commitment to patient satisfaction and desire for innovation. Our plan is to continue to add prosthetic facilities into our professional HiFi network and to continue to create clinical solutions and products to improve patient performance,” said Randall Alley, biodesigns CEO and chief prosthetist.

The HiFi Interface offers a radical departure from traditional socket designs, in which a patient’s soft tissue in the residual limb is simply encapsulated, with little thought to the biomechanics involved in controlling the motion of the limb within the socket. This restricts the amount of control a socket can impart upon the bone buried beneath the soft tissue. Because the bone is centered in the tissue and in a traditional socket this tissue does not offer much resistance to bone motion, the patient expends a significant amount of energy inside the socket merely moving the bone rather than using it to transmit force or torque to the prosthesis.

In contrast, the HiFi Interface’s design consists of four struts, which compress and preload tissue; an alternating pattern of open areas allows a significant volume of the limb’s tissue to exit or flow out of the way. Now the socket is able to connect closer to the bone, minimizing or eliminating the movement of the bone within the socket so the patient has more control, function, and comfort.

The patent-pending HiFi Interface was developed by Alley, who trained the licensees in the fitting technique using a specialized casting system. The HiFi Imaging Device compresses the limb in specific areas during the casting process to ensure that the optimum compression and tissue release is transferred to the new socket. According to Alley, patients upon feeling the compression and release imparted by the casting device are immediately able to feel the advantage of the HiFi Interface design.

Benefits to the limb-loss patient

  •     More energy efficient. It preserves motion rather than absorbing it so that more of the wearer’s input is converted to prosthetic output.
  •     High level of stability.
  •     Increased comfort; more effective heat dissipation.
  •     Enhanced range of motion.
  •     More intimate fit for increased functionality.
  •     The perceived weight of the prosthesis is significantly less.

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About biodesigns inc.

Southern California-based biodesigns inc. is a technology-driven prosthetics company specializing in the most advanced upper and lower limb clinical care solutions and product development. biodesigns works with all levels of upper and lower limb patients, but especially caters to highly active individuals who demand more from their prostheses.

About Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics

A privately held company headquartered in Manchester, N.H., with offices in Newton, Mass., and Warwick, R.I., Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics provides orthotic and prosthetic devices to clients of all ages – from pediatric to geriatric. The company is practitioner owned and operated, and some staff members are amputees themselves. Known for their innovation, Next Step prosthetists and clinicians work with research facilities and prosthetic manufacturers in developing new prosthetic technologies and components.

About Optimus Prosthetics

Located in Dayton, Ohio which is best known as the birthplace of aviation (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) and one of the nation’s highest patent rates per capita, Optimus Prosthetics combines Prosthetics and Engineering with traditional values (compassionate care, honesty, and integrity) to provide the very best prosthetic care and innovative prosthetic solutions to maximize independence. Optimus has engineering capabilities supported by 16 prosthetic patents, and all Prosthetists are ABC-certified and Ohio-licensed.

About Sampson’s Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory

Sampson’s Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory has been providing quality care to patients in eastern New York state for more than 40 years. Specializing in the latest advancements in prostheses and orthoses, Sampson’s Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory prides itself on offering a diverse range of services while maintaining the utmost level of effectiveness to patients during the rehabilitation process. Sampson’s Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory has patient care offices in Schenectady, Queensbury, Albany, Amsterdam, and Saratoga Springs.


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