Horses Cribbing Solution by Planet Amazing is a New Bitter Tasting Cribbing Liquid

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Easier and kinder than grazing muzzles, the solution is called BitterLicks and is a low cost natural answer for horse cribbing problems.

Planet Amazing
The approach is a kinder and gentler method than some traditional methods such as muzzles, cribbing rings and cribbing collars.

Planet Amazing announces a new horse cribbing solution that has been researched and developed to affect a horse's taste. The approach is a kinder and gentler method than some traditional methods such as muzzles, cribbing rings and cribbing collars.

According to a senior researcher at Planet Amazing, "Bitter Licks Horse Cribbing solution is made from the most bitter tasting solution on the Earth. We are proud to release the product and feel confident that it will help horse owners everywhere who are otherwise having a difficult time with this problem that affects so many horse owners. We have many Horse Cribbing Awareness Events and additional research planned as this moves forward, including events in the United States and even worldwide. I'm so happy to be part of this team that obviously cares about horses and their owners."

Equine experts point to huge problems with traditional methods such as cribbing rings. With cribbing rings, metal rings are places between the teeth and gums of horses to make it very painful when they crib. Many people consider this a cruel and ineffective method as most horses eventually rip out the rings, potentially causing severe gum and teeth damage. Effectiveness varies widely from 10-60%.

Another harsh method from the past - that is no longer needed with the new approaches to horse cribbing - is the horse cribbing collars. Cribbing collars actually cut of the air supply to horses when they attempt to crib. Aside from being physically potentially dangerous many horses have a hard time eating and drinking with the metal bits in their throat. Most users report that cribbing collars are only effective at most 40% of the time and they have painful consequences for the horse.

According to BitterLicks and Planet Amazing, testing and use of the product BitterLicks Horse Cribbing Solution is gentle for the horse. For those needing to stop horse cribbing, BitterLicks is one alternative that has had great success with its gentle approach.

About Planet Amazing is the premier manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of organic and inorganic “GRAS” solutions that anyone…no matter their experience…can use to eliminate real everyday problems.


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