Financial Resolution Center Reports 2012 New Year Resolutions Target Financial Success - Seven Ways to Improve Financial Awareness

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With a new year comes new beginnings and new resolutions. While the majority of resolutions are about desires like becoming healthier, many people are making resolutions for a financially stable 2012. January is Financial Wellness Month, which creates the perfect opportunity for people to take strides in understanding and rehabilitating their financial condition.

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Consumers should question their confidence in their financial future. There is a fine line between financial distress and a future that is financially stable. Unfortunately, some people are unaware that they are on the verge of financial ruin until it is too late. Becoming financially secure can only be accomplished by consciously recognizing that there is a financial issue. According to the Chief Adviser for Financial Resolution Center,” The sooner people realize they’re having issues with debt, the better the chance they have at resolving it and becoming financially secure for the future.”

Financial Resolution Center suggests that individuals make an honest assessment of the state of their financial affairs. Below is a list of warning signs. If at least three of these signs are true, individuals may be moving toward financial ruin.

Balancing Bills and Paying Late Fees

The inability to pay bills on time and constant occurrence of late fees are signs of financial trouble. Incurring late fees as a result of a deficiency of money and living pay check to pay check can cause people to go further into debt. Also, only making minimum payments to keep accounts open will never pay off a balance on time or in full. Barely managing revolving debt will only lead to an increase in the balances.

Relying on Future Income

Relying on a future source of income, like a tax refund, is a quick way to create a negative financial situation. Hoping to run into money is an unrealistic way to handle personal finances. This approach will cause future financial problems.

Dependent on Credit

A consistent dependency on credit cards as a means of additional income is a financial mistake. Credit cards should be relied upon for big purchases and paid off monthly. Using credit cards to pay for everyday purchases or shifting balances to new cards is a bad financial decision. Should there be any unexpected changes in pricing or interest rates, people who depend on credit will find themselves in financial turmoil.

Arguments Over Finances

Regular arguments with a spouse or partner over money are also indications of a poor financial condition. Fights amongst couples over finances are not unusual. However, fighting over finances means that unnecessary spending is being made with money needed to maintain the household.

A Lack of Personal Savings

Budgets should allow small amounts of money to be set aside for savings. If there is no room in the budget for savings, the financial situation is not viable. Setting aside money for savings may be tough, but not saving can be detrimental to any financial situation. The Chief Adviser for Financial Resolution Center informs that to be in good financial shape, there should be some form of savings for emergencies. A dependency on credit cards is not a sound financial decision.

Spending Money to Pay Overdraft Fees

There are several reasons why a person pays overdraft fees. If these fees are a result of frequently overdrawing an account, then the financial health may be poor. Having these fees occur often will only exacerbate a bad situation because it limits the amount of income available to cover debts.

Depleting Retirement Savings

Using retirement savings to pay for expenses is something frequently done by people in a bad financial position. Financial Resolution Center cautions against taking out more than one 401K loan. Borrowing more than once against a 401k loan can be detrimental to a sustainable financial future. It also threatens any growth potential of a retirement account.

Let 2012 be the year to regain financial control. Use Financial Awareness Month as a motivator factor to take the correct steps to a better financial outlook. For more information on eliminating debt issues, Contact Financial Resolution Center at toll free (888) 272-0227 or online at


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