Absolute Wealth Launches Independent Wealth Alliance

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Absolute Wealth launches the investment course focusing on the mindset that brought financial success to many great investors including Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Michael Steinhardt, Sir John Templeton and Bill Miller.

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None of these men started out as billionaires. They began with a belief in the Economy of One.

A new investment course and online member's area resources has launched this week. The contributors - made up of advisers and analysts who have already achieved massive success in the stock market and other investment and wealth building activities, have put together this course that addresses the way that the average person is taught to think. The course is called the Independent Wealth Alliance.

The Absolute Wealth editors point to the mindset that some of the greatest and wealthiest investors had as they followed a different path than the masses. These icons had an independent mindset that worked in every decade of the last 100 years, and the course specifically teaches the student that mindset. Investors that had this mindset include Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Michael Steinhardt, Sir John Templeton and Bill Miller.

"This attitude of following everyone else has been programmed into you by the mass media," a spokesperson for Absolute Wealth said today. "I believe if you cling to the mass economy mindset, aka the hope of government rescues and expert guidance from the media, you will be heading towards financial disaster. You need to leave that mass mentality and align yourself with a different economy. An economy that has created vast fortunes throughout history. It's allowed them to calmly and rationally capitalize on profitable opportunities no matter what the media were screaming around them."

Some of the investors using the method taught in the course have been very successful. Warren Buffet has been listed by Forbes as the richest man in the world. The course teachers also like Peter Lynch. "Peter adopted his investment strategies to the demands of the market, not the media, and grew his Fidelity Magellan fund to $14 billion dollars in 1990 while earning an average of 29% annually."

Bill Miller is another investor who has embodied the "Economy of One" singular mindset talked about in the course. In November of 2006, Fortune Magazine's managing editor, Andy Serwer, characterized Bill Miller's investing style as iconoclastic: "You simply can't do what he's done in the supremely competitive, ultra-efficient world of stock picking by following the pack."

The course teachers believe that anyone can succeed using the method they call the Economy of One. "None of these men started out as billionaires. They began with a belief in the Economy of One. The mainstream beliefs get you mainstream results. But these men understood they weren't chained to those beliefs."

For more information on this important course, visit the website of the Independent Wealth Alliance.

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