Segway of Oakland and Bay Area Segway Announces the New Custom Segway Service Work That They Are Now Offering

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When it comes to working on Segway PTs nobody offers more than Segway of Oakland does. Segway of Oakland is the oldest North American Segway service shop, and is simply one of the best Segway Service / Customization shops around. Segway of Oakland and Bay Area Segway are now announcing additional custom Segway work that they do. Bring your Segway over to Segway of Oakland for some customization today.

When it comes to working on Segway PTs nobody offers more than Segway of Oakland,, does. They not only provide factory authorized service, but they also do specialized custom work on Segway PTs. Segway of Oakland’s customized Segways have an appearance that is like no other vehicle on the market. Segway of Oakland and Bay Area Segway are now announcing additional custom Segway work that they do.Check out some of Segway of Oakland's customized Segway PTs for something truly unique.

Segway of Oakland has done more customization work than anybody else. The customized work is generally for looks, but they also do some specialized adaptations including trailer hitches, carriers, and various types of apparatus designs to hold anything from a sign to a 12 gauge. Most of the designs are cosmetic, but include dramatic customized rims, handlebars, chrome work, airbrush painting, and anodization to make for some of the unique machines built anywhere.

Many companies and other organizations have used Segway of Oakland to build customized Segways based on company colors, images, or logos, and the Segway itself is a really neat device to customize in that way. The Segway is the ultimate Green Machine, but it's also a unique device that uses proprietary technology that is not used by other vehicles. The Segway balances perfectly over its wheels so it has a great application of power and traction. It has no accelerator or brakes, yet it follows the movement of the rider, and accelerates or stops on a dime.

A customized Segway is something unique that gets a lot of attention. Although often ridiculed, the unique design wins people over and it gets them talking. That's why many companies and many people have found that a customized Segway is the ultimate attention getter, and it's great for branding and creating activity. The Segway flat out stir things up in a crowd, and so people have realized that it's a great medium for getting people together as well as a unique machine with interesting design characteristics.

The Segway is absolutely also the best vehicle in a crowd. That's why mall cops use them. They can move through a crowd with much more precision than a bike or other vehicle. A Segway is small, it is great for short distances, and the vertical stance makes it useful in more crowded areas or in parks or closed gated areas where there are a lot of paths. In those kinds of areas it's way more maneuverable than other vehicles.

“Most of our customizations included customized rims and handlebars as well as paint jobs, anodization, and other high-end cosmetic work,” said Darren Romar, co-owner of Segway of Oakland. “We're insured, we’re an authorized dealer, and we guarantee high quality work. We do work in concert with the parent company, and so we don't make any kinds of structural or mechanical changes as Segway strictly controls how this machine works through its warranty and service. It's a totally unique machine, so the parts are limited, and we have to work with the parent company to assure that all of our custom work is essentially cosmetic and does not affect the working of the unit itself.”

Romar continued, “Nonetheless, nobody has done more extensive work on Segways, and our customizations really show it. We start with really basic work, but in most cases we hand build the rims and fabricate them out of aluminum. It is expensive work for what is an essentially cosmetic change, but the fabricated aluminum rim specs out a lot better for the same weight than the composite, and it's the extreme cost of doing it that makes it out of the question for the production model. It's expensive, but it also looks like a million bucks.”

Consider checking into some of Segway of Oakland's customized Segway PTs for that unique look that really gets attention. Customized Segways by Segway of Oakland and Bay Area Segway are the most unique machines built anywhere. Visit, or call 1-888-8SEGWAY (1-888-873-4929) for more information about Segway of Oakland’s uniquely customized Segway PTs.


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