In Wake of Recent Faux-Cashmere Fine in China, Elegant Linens Offers Refuge in Genuine Cashmere and Other Fine Natural Fibers, Encourages Pre-Purchase Research

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According to online source, Global Times, last month, a $3.4 million fine was issued, targeting a Chinese vendor accused of selling fake cashmere, raising significant questions in the textile industry. In response to this charge, Elegant Linens, luxury bedding boutique, has clients' backs covered with genuine fine natural fiber blankets and encourages customers to do their research when seeking nature's finest fibers.

Cashmere, simply put, is king of luxury natural fibers, and global demand for the product has caused some upheaval recently. In China, the world's largest supplier of cashmere, a court found a Hunan Province vendor guilty of selling fake cashmere and issued a $3.4 million fine. In an online article in Global Times, the heavy fine created controversy as perhaps being too excessive, raising questions for cashmere consumers and producers alike. Elegant Linens, premier luxury bedding boutique, encourages their clients to do their research and choose reputable vendors as cashmere's popularity continues to increase on a global scale. Elegant Linens carries a wide variety of genuine cashmere blankets and accessories to keep their clients comfortable during cold winters and notes that they source their cashmere from the world's most reputable sources.

Cashmere is long known for its luxurious quality and has a rich history of providing humankind with its warmth. Nature, however, has also provided the luxury market with a host of other animals from which to draw warm materials. Elegant Linens knows that customers enjoy variety, and now offers luxury blankets in everything from beloved cashmere to yak.

What is so special about cashmere anyway? Cashmere, or kashmir, is also called pashmina. Derived from the soft underfleece of Kashmir goats, the real magic of cashmere originates with the exceptionally harsh climate from which the Kashmir goat hails. The historical Kashmir region is a valley situated between the Himalayas and the Pir Panjal mountain ranges, though its modern lines include a wider area, including sometimes disputed lands in India, China, and Pakistan. The temperature in this region varies significantly, and Kashmir goats, to withstand such a dynamic, harsh-winter climate, developed fine underfleece to keep them protected among the world's highest mountains.
While Kashmir goats are now raised beyond this region as well, the best cashmere still comes from goats raised in more extreme climate conditions, which enhances the overall development and quality of their undercoat. China currently reigns as the world's largest producer of cashmere.

Many point to the mid-15th century when looking to the origins of cashmere products, though wool-based references were made long before that time. Popularity of cashmere is another matter, however, and it seems we have to thank a late 1700s shipment to Paris, France for cashmere's ego-boost on a global scale. Since then, the fabric's superior feel and insulating quality have allowed it to retain its singular place at the top of cozy luxury bedding, luxury blankets, and luxury clothing.    

As a luxury fabric, cashmere is exceptionally soft, durable, and blissfully warm. Despite the natural fabrics' harsh beginnings, once one has a cashmere product, its care does necessitate more gentle treatment. Cashmere items have specific care instructions and taking any of those instructions lightly may result in a product that is either ruined entirely or does not maintain a long life of use. To see a variety of genuine cashmere blankets visit

Other natural fabrics possess similar qualities to those of cashmere, and luxury bedding design houses have found a way to incorporate them into their high-end luxury blanket offerings. Angora goats, for instance, are the source of the oft-praised merino wool and these goats have also been crossbred with Kashmir goats. The result was a new line of goats: the Cashgora. As one may imagine, cashgora and merino wool, both goat derived, have insulating and care qualities similar to cashmere. View fine merino blankets and cashgora blankets at

Other animals raised at high elevation or in extreme temperatures include the alpaca and llama, raised in the Andes, including the countries Peru, Chile, and Bolivia; the Bactrian camels of Asia, (though Australia also produces camel wool), and yangir and yak, both from the Asian Himalayas. The unifying factor in the luxury fabrics derived from these animals is that the animals themselves have lived in harsh climate conditions that promote the growth of their incredibly soft, insulating undercoats. Nature itself creates the best fibers, and luxury bedding houses add their well-developed touches of elegance to create the world's most wonderful luxury blankets and other winter weather comforts and accessories. Examples of natural fiber blankets that are slightly more exotic can be seen at

Of course, whenever one is in the market for those luxury comforts from natural fabrics, Elegant Linens encourages one to “know thy vendor,” especially in light of the recent faux-cashmere issues globally. Top-quality natural fabrics will be constructed from the finest fibers available, and those will be found from reputable sources only. One could not expect to find a luxury yak blanket anywhere! Similarly, especially when it comes to the ever-popular cashmere, there may be major variations of quality depending on where one goes to find their cashmere comforts. Research, research, research and then get gloriously comfortable and purchase a long-lasting, luxury cashmere, mohair, or yangir blanket.    

For more information about the recent cashmere fine, see here:

To see more of the different types of the natural fabric luxury blankets, or to learn more detailed information about all of our wonderfully warm luxury bedding, please visit Elegant Linens at or call 1-800-735-5541.


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