CradlePoint Defines Wireless Connectivity Standard in Retail Sector with New “4G” Enabled Solution

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CradlePoint Introduces its ARC Series, an Integrated Solution Designed to Support Business Continuity for Retail Market

“CradlePoint’s involvement in the National Retail Conference illustrates our commitment to the retail sector, the appetite for secure and reliable networks among retailers, and the importance of mobile broadband to ensuring business continuity”

CradlePoint, a leader in enterprise connectivity, today announced at the National Retail Federation Conference(NRF) the widespread deployment of CradlePoint’s suite of wireless solutions within the retail sector. In conjunction with its participation at the NRF Conference, CradlePoint has introduced its new 4G-enabled router with an integrated modem as its ARC Series. CradlePoint’s new ARC Series capitalizes on its 4G LTE Certification from Verizon to provide retailers with business grade networks that improve operational efficiencies and customer-focused experiences.

CradlePoint will be demonstrating its new ARC series failover solution in booth #3219 at the 2012 NRF Conference.

The retail sector has turned to CradlePoint to keep up with the growing demands of high-bandwidth applications on networks. Retailers with multiple locations must support operational and transactional data, as well as support customer-facing applications like kiosks, digital signage, and mobile devices which customers have come to expect as part of the shopping experience. CradlePoint’s ability to support 3G/4G either using an external modem or by using its new ARC solution with integrated 3G/4G and its patented cloud-based WiPipe Central remote management software, allows CradlePoint to meet the unique needs of any retail application as a primary connection or a failover solution. CradlePoint’s dual-mode 3G/4G connection gives retailers the flexibility to deploy a single solution at all company locations, leveraging 3G in locations where the 4G network is not yet available.

“CradlePoint’s involvement in the National Retail Conference illustrates our commitment to the retail sector, the appetite for secure and reliable networks among retailers, and the importance of mobile broadband to ensuring business continuity,” said George Mulhern, CEO of CradlePoint. “Our customers’ use of the ARC series for high-speed connectivity and failover combined with WiPipe Central remote management software provides an end-to-end solution that addresses the connectivity needs of distributed enterprises everywhere. Thanks to our growing list of enterprise retail customers and technology partners, CradlePoint is the de facto standard for excellence in connectivity in the retail sector.”

The shift within the industry to adopt LTE changes the way enterprises can deliver connectivity to support business continuity. In a failover application, CradlePoint routers provide a wireless backup connection to a retailer’s existing wired connection. In this case, retailers avoid lost revenue and a negative customer experience with the assurance that their mission critical applications, including transactional, will continue to work if the primary wired connection is disrupted. CradlePoint will demonstrate in its booth a vivid example of how well its failover solution works by chopping connected Ethernet cables with an axe. In a matter of seconds after the wired line is cut, failover to the wireless connection occurs seamlessly.

CradlePoint anticipates that with the speeds afforded by 4G and the inherent benefits of wireless, retailers who have migrated to wireless as their failover connection will begin to adopt it as a primary connection to manage all of their bandwidth requirements. Today, the application of CradlePoint’s ARC series provides wireless access for failover, primary, and alternative network connections to nationally recognized retail and convenience stores, restaurants, branch offices, and kiosk networks. Key highlights include:

  •     The CradlePoint integrated ARC series adapter provides a “drop-in” 3G/4G network failover solution that can be added as an overlay on top of existing network infrastructure to enable continuous uptime.
  •     The CradlePoint integrated ARC series router provides an easy-to-install, one-box solution for wired primary connections and wireless failover in new network installations, temporary locations, or for applications where an alternate network, off the main corporate network, is desired. For example, the ability to partition the router to create multiple networks, both public (customer WiFi) and private (POS devices, 3rd party applications, employee laptops, etc.), to simplify PCI compliance.
  •     The modular configuration and adoption of a smaller 4G modem provides a smaller footprint, while enabling greater flexibility in primary connection, failover connections and load-balancing situations.

The integrated ARC series routers are available from authorized CradlePoint distributors and partners. Stop by CradlePoint’s NRF booth #3219 or contact CradlePoint at +1.208.424.5054 or email routersales(at)cradlepoint(dot)com for more information. The integrated ARC series routers include the MC200LE-VZ business-grade modem, which has received Verizon ODI Certification.

About LTE
Long Term Evolution (“LTE”) is a mobile broadband standard produced by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (“3GPP”), a partnership of several telecommunication standards bodies worldwide. The LTE standard features high data throughput, high spectral efficiency, and low latency, providing users with a higher-quality voice, data, and video experience while allowing more users to share the same bandwidth. Visit for more information about LTE.

About CradlePoint
At CradlePoint, we believe in speed, reliability, and versatility. The cloud should always be accessible and highly secure. With support for over 350 modems on more than 70 different carriers, we define excellence in connectivity. Specializing in failover, machine-to-machine (M2M), and primary connections, our solutions are purpose built for PCI compliant networks and can increase system availability from 99% to 99.9%. As the first to pioneer and fully enable high-speed LTE in our solutions, we maximize the potential of the cloud for businesses worldwide. CradlePoint is a privately held company in Boise, Idaho. Learn more at

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